It’s Going Down!! On and On and On PT. 2

Interests conflict; spotted the man of the cloth; high collar!! meanwhile  little homie in the spot pops a collar!!

Who’s in conflict with the world? the way they do my life? per Marvin Gaye  it makes me wanna holler

It’s going down!! it goes on and on and on!! the wannabe businessman said it’s all about a dollar or euro!!  holla if you hear me like 2pac...

We’re All Up In The House!! check the O-Dog Podcast for the funk; jazz; house and the new rock..

*Going All Out*  with this next level business!! no bombs blast per Goodluck Jonathan rallys!! we’re trying to lock things down before they lock us down…

Conspiracy theory confirmed? Jokers said good luck with that as we rally like New England Patriots!!  now we burn baby burn!! what? CD’s and MP3’s when we  rock the sound..

O-Zone? O-Dog?  this small army brings the disco inferno!! we get down!! some will get what’s coming to them per Suge Knight!! as we *Come To Set It Straight*

Confronting the apparatus after we peeped the status; spotted those that come with the hate..

Early or late?  told to Play On Player by these ATLiens; please; we’re Just Trying To Make It..

Keeping it real!!  it goes on and on and on!!  we’re not trying to fake it..

It’s going down!! O-Dog will take a beat and break it!! I’m not out here pimping like Warren Sapp!!

It’s going down!! it doesn’t stop!! it goes on and on and on; we stay a step ot two ahead, trying to avoid the trap!!