Extraordinary PT.4 (They’re Through With This)

It’s going down!!  they said I’m playing it like Vladimir Putin!! acting extra!!  they said I’m acting brand new with this.

I felt the vibe;  jokers were playing me like  I looted the treasury per the International Monetary Fund!!  plus the careless whispers and sideways glances provided revelations;  some act like they’re through with this.

The careless whispers weren’t the George Michael type!! some of these jokers believed the hype!!  they thought it was all about the fun/ funds!!  I guess the next level business had them confused.

…They’re mad because I didn’t join the corporation where folk are used and abused.

Breakbeat scientific methods are used; rocking the baldy in this sport but we walked through like a dread!! damn!!  the timing was perfect / impeccable.

Right On Tine Per The Brothers Johnson!!  beholding the beauty as I do my duty!! I wasn’t fooling with the Walking Dead!! this is extraordinary!!  but some will disrespect a bruh.

What were these brothers and sisters on?  some were misled / waiting in the dark!! I heard them “snoking and joking”  others were “skinning and grinning”

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  I’m all about winning.

They said I was acting extra!!  just call it extraordinary.

Now they’re through with this;  at the end of the day?   like the weekend of resistance in Ferguson theyll see its revolutionary.

Discussions about freedom aren’t arbitrary like union negotiations with management…

This breakbeat scientific business is extraordinary; even if we did or didn’t do it somebody would damn it!!

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Just Trying To Maintain

Were caught out here in the reign…like its Pakistan or Afghanistan..word from Bro.  Karzai…we’re just trying to advance!

Actually…..we did the math;  were just trying to maintain…but its somewhat of a debatable circumstance!

Being built or torn down? we took a chance…colliding with obstacles in our path like the Navy submarines and Aegis cruiser off the East Coast…now dealing with the repercussions!

Checked the cosmic debris like space junk …but were intergalactic…in the ATL getting crunk… check this good word and the space funk;  hitting jokers up with the percussions!Image: Space Shuttle Endeavour is moved to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California

Whats the deally? were cruising  through the streets of the ATL like the Space Shuttle Endeavour is cruising through the streets of Los Angeles…but heard the discussions;  baller blocking was the primary focus!

Disgusted with this!!  I’m at the service desk returning merchandise that w

Atlanta Skyline
Atlanta Skyline (Photo credit: k1ng)

as bogus!

As I approach this…rolling down I-20 in Atlanta ; weeds on the side of the road grow out of the control…the county said they couldn’t cut them because of budget problems!

Weeds grow out of control at these foreclosed homes!! damn!!  it even started with budget problems!

Were trying to maintain; working through our problems plus the Lord is blessing us!

Were just trying to maintain as the system keeps stressing us!

Second guessing? that was us…sometimes it got lonely out there..but we kept on running….

Ignored the Walking Dead..they were just bringing more drama…we repelled the attack with the Sonic Assault….O-Dizzle kept on gunning...