Feeling The Vibe PT.2

I was feeling the vibe….its like some were on the feeding tube; acting subdued…other jokers were trying to play me close!

Whose fronting on the tribe like Ted Nugent? thought and fashion police were prominent; fronting, flexing, …..representing the devil; you know he will oppose!

Sonic Assaults are unleashed….were trying to take it to another level…pitching perfect games like Phil Humber of the Chicago White Sox…but clashing with titans; were feeling their wrath; one call that’s all to Ken Nugent needed? as we compose these math and science theories!

Hell is caught like Natalie Cole mentioned…please!!! its like a battle between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans in UFC 145…its all the way live!!¬† but that’s how it is in these hostile territories!

But O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live….who tried to holla at me? how did they roll? they admitted they were trying to get in my business!

Haters tried to throw a dollar at me like Wal-Mart in Mexico!! but I already know what the deal is!

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Making Adjustments

Trying to get in where I fit in; but I see adjustments need to be made!


Where’s the crescent or monkey wrench? or even the screwdriver making moves like McGiver….like the case against George Zimmerman…adjustments need to be made!


The crescent moon was just as bad as the full one; games were played by these fools!


Clandestine affairs soon take place like Secret Service agents swerving….. participants were from the old and new school!


Shadetree  mechanics had old and new Stanley tools ; they said they can fix that!


But they were Shady Like Grady!! a bunch of fanatics!! I ignored the knowledge when they kicked that!


Shady ones tricked that and this one; like Wal-Mart Mexican Bribes;  now adjustments need to be made!


I was just trying to get in where I fit in….but I can’t trust the charade!


Some got played; now they’re left busted, disgusted, ….and they can’t be trusted!


Some got played…now the hoopties broke down; Manny, Moe, or Jack will have to make an adjustment!


Whats up with it? please!! I was just trying to get in where I fit it!


….Had to holla at the seamstress or tailor just to make sure the suit was fitting…


It doesn’t matter what or who the team is…winning or losing? sometimes adjustments need to be made…


It doesn’t matter what the plan or dream is; some will get caught up in the charade…