A Fresh Coat Of Paint

The structure was dull!!  the surface was faded like hardboard or hardi-plank houses in DeKalb County!

The structure needs a fresh coat of paint on it!!  it was roughed up!! due to the New Orleans Saints bounty?

A corrupt one  like Rob Ford showing restraint?  I doubt it..these days jokers are going all out!

Something said about going hard in the paint per Waka Flocka Flame?  I even heard a gospel version per Uncle Reece…something about going all out!

I’m not showing restraint!! please!! I’m  all up in the game!!  I wasn’t all out of ammunition!!  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

Showing ambition in the heart of it!! where?  the hostile territory…its similar to dealing with pirates in Nigeria!!  moves are made with a fresh view / fresh vision!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch!!  putting paint where it ain’t per Phonte!

….On WCLK promos; so whats up?  this is real / authentic..no demos;  what will the response be?

How did the apparatus play?  no justice no peace will be the by-product per Trayvon Martin!

Spots will get blasted on from Westgate Mall in Nairobi to Terminal 3 in LAX..some are wishing it was simple but its complex!! what are they starting? 

Spots get sand-blasted…so some prayed to the East plus fasted!! meanwhile  were in the lab stirring up this paint!

O-Dog Podcasted!! now the funk is played!! check the Sonic Assault!!  were not showing any restraint!


Card Carrying Members Only

So whats up?  access was denied!! unless its NYPD undercover in Hollywood Stuntz…I left the hood so I could gather and hunt..but they said this area was for card-carrying members!

So whats up?  at the end of the day like vets and military families affected by the government shutdown..one finds out the apparatus folds and mutilates;  body parts?  it dismembers!

One who does the knowledge and remembers the time like Michael Jackson is usually up on it!

It wasn’t the time we fell in love…its like an NBA game…in the paint …under the basket?  jokers push and shove!  but some are up on it!

It doesn’t matter if your like Waka Flocka Flame and  go hard in the paint!!  it wasn’t the time that got them?  please!!  the clock keeps ticking even if you have a card!

Master / Visa / Discovery or a proximity card to get in the building!! ..but soon yielding;  soon from the premises your barred!

…like I tried to do with the arch nemesis;  but they keep showing up!

But seeds are planted in secret gardens…by-products / plants keep growing up!

“Who you knowing ” up in this piece?  security will ask..they say it’s for card-carrying members!

I kept flowing up in this piece!!  Doing What I Do!! one step ahead of the apparatus!!  jokers like Republicans and Koch Industries shutting down the government as history repeats!!  this brotha remembers!

I kept flowing up in this piece!! unlike the pipeline that blew up in Oklahoma

Whatcha knowing?  they told me access is denied…I’m not a card-carrying member..I told them act like you knew a bruh!!