In The Meantime and Between Time / I Started Another One

Had a moment;  so I thought I would start another one! 

Caught in a moment of time..resting my heart, soul, and spirit;  another plays me like Pres. Obama…they want to see me come undone! 

This is a critical stage of development; please!!  like euro zone deals with Spain…this is the one that can make or break you! 

A defining one deals with the pain…whose the evil opponent?  more than likely its one that will fake you! 

As I take you there like Staple Singers;  all up on it..but I spotted interlopers! 

We take it there like Staples Center championship banners…will Kobe get any more? there’s a new sheriff in the West…word from the OK City Thunder… so I guess there’s always hope for us!  check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: In The Meantime and Between Time / I Started Another One.