Clearance Rack Epiphanies (New Years Day Sale 2016)

Oh yes!! 2016 is here!! it’s just in time for these clearance rack epiphanies!! the sale is on!!

Oh yes!! O-Dog is mixing breakbeats and O-Zone fights interference with these good words; once again it’s on!!

Restricting movements?  a devil breaks through these streets shooting up pubs in Tel Aviv, another devil tells you what to believe per the deliberate falsehood; the truth? some are disputing..

Restricting movements? these clearance rack epiphanies confront those acting false in the hood, like NATO a threat per Vladimir Putin?

Swiss movement watches tell the time, no need to remember per Michael Jackson!! some players were missing in action like Michigan State beat by Alabama..

Swiss Movement Les McCann and Eddie Harris type jazz plays in the background as I type these epiphanies; Compared To What? who will understand a brotha?

Who’s fair with this? as I walked through the mall after these holidays I stopped in Macys, Target and other spots!! I noticed merchants were selling products at regular retail price…

Who’s fair with this? I’m trying to reach y’all with these clearance rack epiphanies!! a dude conducts himself in an orderly fashion after paying the price…

Who’s fair with this? there’s no shady deal with those or these!!  we’re not using social engineering!!

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning!!  now we respond with  this Mechanical Engineering..

We stayed on point while others ignored the warning, now they’re caught out there like Bill Cosby finding out what the cost will be, now we’re steering the Mothership to a safe harbor…

Trying to regain our equilibrium, we weren’t through dealing!! some might have lost me but after the experience we drop these clearance rack epiphanies!! we’re clearing our minds, hearts and spirits but the system will issue demerits; hatred? they harbor…