Endless Sunday ūüėĆ [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus; drop down / click on,  press the button; chilling out, O-Zone even had to press the reset button!!

Get into it / get involved!! rocking venues, fooling with this DJ,  our problems solved? probably not for a punishment glutton..

They’re upset son!! ¬†corporations are established ¬†/ misery loves company meanwhile O-Dizzle tries to find out where the drums will be so in spiritual warfare they can be utilized..

Once again it’s on!! not aborting operations¬†flashed through the portalknowing how the sport will go; opposition met? like Trump / Fox News fan ¬†Tulsi Gabbard not invited to the DNC?¬† we’re not surprised…

Plots and schemes were devised, some cashed out like¬†Vernon Jones at the RNC, now using the divide and conquer strategy to holla at me but we’re in chill mode; listening to¬†Endless Sunday ūüėĆ [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Now these teams are surprised because we’re chilling in the midst of the chaos and confusion!! check out the playlist and the mix this is courtesy of¬†Chillhop Music¬†as we chill in the lab / shelter in place; we’re not “out in those streets!!

Check this out at Endless Sunday ūüėĆ [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Eight)

On this Monday Morning? jokers say we’re acting brand new but we’re just sonic change agents,¬†not in the NBA bubble¬†flagrant fouling with this!! check out these cosmic facilitators.

Acting like we knew, but going through it like the rest of my constituents; what? those¬†changes like Buddy Miles¬†, ¬†jokers are acting foul up in these facilities!!¬†getting played¬†by these gamblers out for a fast buck? ¬†per theCovid 19 or systemic racism¬†they’ll get us¬†one way or another! as you can see some still hate us!

Going in / getting it in but even  blood libel  was heard, among with other conspiracy theories!  some are needing to check the files before debates get underway!

Going in / getting it in¬†but who’s liable? explosions were heard in Beirut, blamed on¬†Hezbollah in Lebanon?¬† for Mossad,¬†was it¬†¬†viable?¬†place your bets like Las Vegas!! over or under? ..how will you play?

The old school baptist preacher wasn’t¬†¬†like the new school ones, acting brand new!! ¬†he said pull out your bible and pray over a few verses!

The old school player said act like you knew!!!  please!! he was flipping out!! he said he might be able to make his point or get over saying a  few curses!

Check this out at Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Eight)