We’re All In PT.5 (Even Though It’s Rough Out Here)

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! breakbeat scientific business continues!! we’re all in..

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! fake ones still hate like Donald Trump vs Harriett Tubman, so what’s up man? we’re still all in…

It’s still going down!! oh yes!! but these brothers might have mentioned in previous episodes that it’s rough out here.

Per the Valentine Brothers or even Simply Red money was too tight to mention!!  so why go there?

Who paid attention as I go there?  these brothers simply sped up when dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, to and fro!!  it seems some might know while others go around in circles.

….per the Gap Band or  will it go around in circles per the Billy Preston version?  whichever one is working!!  some feel the tension!!  dollar chases make them work those!

…Or these;  please!!  I even feel the pressure / apprehension even though I know the Lord is in the blessing business.

Please!!  per *phat profits*  made per Goldman Sachs,  those types are in the stressing business.

Government fines were just the cost to do business per their predatory home financing / subprime mortgages..

Government officials,  per the Clintons mention super predators on another level;  PR peeps left grimacing!! a sellout provides his or her soul as mortgages..

…Challenged by some who were all in per  #blacklives matter: please!!  Negroes were bruised and battered by these procedures.

…Challenged by dark matter studies per the Large Hadron Collider?  similar to breakbeat scientific studies by these brothers who are all in!!  it’s rough out here for a freedom rider!! egos get bruised and battered by policies and procedures.

Blue Collar: Hard Work Is Put In PT.6

We’re blue collar with it; hard work is put in!!  we’re not wasting time like and money the Benghazi Committee!! we’re building, check the mechanical engineering……..

Some think its about a dollar, they’ll sell the city out like Katina Powell / Rod Ni Powell vs Louisville; now what’s the deal? check out the social engineering.

Constituents are loathing and fearing!! the situation is foul like the Czech Republic jacking refugees from the Middle East for their *paper* aka their money..

Constitutions guaranteed it? please!! loathing and fearing is the business!! what’s up with it? it’s like RushCard customers asking where’s the money?

O-Dog? he’s cold crushing but also asking where’s the money? like the Valentine Brothers money is too tight to mention…

Stronger than the Simply Red version!! meanwhile we keep putting hard work in, blue collar style! we do enough to pay attention…

Saw how some are flowing: some were misled / waiting in the dark or  dipping into the  treacherous waters with the sharks and piranhas!! all up in it, trying to interpret symbols / signals…

Trying to catch what they can’t understand?  oh yes!! they’re trying to see how the river flows…

The Euphrates / The Nile:  chilled near The Ohio River / Louisville / Cincinatti, but understand me the flows are international…

Actually?  the flows are universal!!  the mothership just landed back down on earth: drama  is going down from US Troops vs ISIS in Iraq to sleepy Secret Service agents in DC;  who’s acting irrational?

Check the status quo: *it’s like this and like that and a* I wasn’t a flashy bro!!  I was blue collar / hard work is put in…

Check the status quo: we continue to fight this and that, but some will accept the trick bag they’re put in..