Waiting On The Smoke To Clear

A joker thought they were in Las Vegas!! they were  gambling with fate!!  truth or daring reality.

A broker told them it’s not too late;  commodities are bought and sold like gas prices currently down but soon going up; I mean,  really.

Smoke and mirrors implemented by those with the reign of terror really have these earthlings coming and going.

Horror and terror are in the playbook;  even if your “hometown / hometeam” you’ll get traded like Jason Heyward!! armchair quarterbacks play the role of a crook!!  so whatcha knowing?

Horror and terror are in the playbook per Kevin Durant vs Dwight Howard and Kobe vs Dwight Howard; I’m not a coward but laying low in the safe haven / safe harbor is the strategy as I observe the scene.

Parking lot pimping at the QT on Panola Rd in Lithonia!! soon I’ll be ready to roll based on what’s heard or seen.

Drinking Central American Blend coffee;  due to NAFTA I know the deal wasn’t right.

Per Bill Clinton American workers are struggling;  these days?  cells are splintering! things “ain’t right”

I’m waiting on the smoke to clear;  astrologers say it’ll be around the last Uranus Pluto Square.

O-Zone is not a  joke out there!  local national international and intergalactic when I go there.

Unfortunately?  it’s where the drama is!!  I’m waiting on the smoke to clear.

In the meantime and between time?  breakbeat science is dropped like Staple Singers I’ll take you there.

Out There…On Some Other -Other

It might be hard to find me….the lights didn’t blind me… I was way way out there!

I was on some other-other!! word to the mother!!  as we continue to go there!

Facing opposition!  material / spiritual…even cosmic like the Uranus Pluto Square!

Racing ahead….fresh view / fresh visions used!!  like the Solar Eclipse were intergalactic !! through galaxies we cruised !  multi- levels and dimensions!!  acting like we knew  when we go there!

Racing through my mind like passengers at LAX?  past episodes of a positive and negative nature!

Casing the joint like the criminal minded I was accused of being like!!  but like Mike its per Human Nature!

Per Michael Jackson check out the action!!  drama will jump off like its LAX Terminal 3!

No telling how it might go!!  check the interaction;  food stamps are even cut..all of us are going through something…who’ll work with me?

Doing the mathematics;  addition / subtraction  / multiplication and division!

Doing what I do!!  but dealing with next level dramatics!!  like Israel attacking Syrian missile sites.. haters were on a mission!

Jokers were wondering how I was living!!  please!!  I was way way out there!

All of us are struggling!! but these brothas are on some other- other;  but were taking it there!

BB King Talked About It

I noticed that the thrill was gone;  BB King talked about it!

Notice was given to Real Deal Holyfield ATL players!!  time was up!!  I see how they stalked!!  they mentioned something about going all out!

Noticed that the euphoria had worn off!!  astrologers blamed it on the Uranus Pluto Square!

….They even mentioned the Sun / Mercury / Saturn conjunction!!  whats up son?  out of my circle?  I kept a square!

We had work to do per Isley Brothers!! dropping the funk and this good word!

Others will try to work you like Tony over in the hood / on the block;  said he had the good herb!

But it was oregano or so called crazy clown….up or down?  fake or genuine?

Negro please is what I told an ATLien!!  this Louisville dude  is out here going for mine!

Its going down!!  but I see the euphoria has worn off!!  the morale was low!

The Thrill Was Gone like BB King talked about !! so my profile is low!

Whats the deal?  whats going down?  territorial were the disputes like malls in Kenya or Nigeria vs Boko Haram;  so whatcha know?

Whats the deal?  whats going down? its rough out here...thought and fashion police will mess up the flow…

Zombies stalked about like Walking Dead...apparently the Thrill Was Gone!

Like BB King talked about!! but these Kings walked about the earth;  made in God’s image!!  with devils we scrimmage!!  once again its on!

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.3

Security is compromised…now the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Curious George types aka Republicans wouldn’t compromise..now the government is shutdown due to empty promises!

Serious when we come with this!!  like Saturn In Scorpio Interfacing with the Uranus Pluto Square…keeping squares out of my circle!

Knowing how the sport will go;  a veteran in the game peeping game!

Spotted the arch nemesis rolling up from a galaxy away!!  supposedly living the American Dream!  but I wasnt sleeping in the game!

Lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner…The ATLien dipped down I-20 in the Lexus SUV!! a rental or loaner?  swagging / fronting in the game!

Delusional like Miriam Carey or even Aaron Alexis?  dipping like the SUV..the Range Rover on Westside highway in NYC!!  being chased in the game!

Bikers thought they were lame as Hollywood Stuntz are pulled!! who said  these are the best of crimes? 

The arch nemesis even said like us on Facebook! said they’re  the hottest in the hood!!  said these are the best of times!

The empty promise was spoken!!  face to face with a crook!! many heard the telemarketer or received the spam e-mail!

The empty promise was spoken or written by the Russian, Nigerian, or Eastern European…. don’t open that e-mail!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!!  seeing you or me fail is the mission! I

….spotted them a galaxy away!!  check out how I play!!  using a fresh view fresh vision!

Grey Area Scenarios PT.3

Mentioned earlier its got to be hood; based on default settings…so I’m “repping”  ghettos, settlements, and barrios!

Mentioned earlier its gotta be good!!   but sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! check out the grey area scenarios!

Whose fair with these or those?  please!!  some are flipping out  like Michael Adebolajo in London; how are others responding? the Uranus Pluto square is in full effect as I write this!

Whose fair with these or those? affected by the Lunar Eclipse  / Super Moon in Sagittarius…in full effect as I write this..

But I’m going in!!  rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top!! with a blow torch ready to spark this!

But mentioned earlier…sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! another jokes about the horrors and terrors…popular like waiting in the dark is?

…As I park this mothership on earth; stranded with these ATLiens.. now front porch or parking lot pimping!

The smell of altered Dutch Masters and Swishers blended with the honeysuckle trees!! please!! dude down here in the ATL told me I needed to catch up on it!!  but  like Macy’s Target  and other retailers swipe fees from Visa / MasterCard …. among other things ..it make things hard!!  it’s not a simple thing!

As I bounce  / pimp through this thing!!  rocking black and red Louisville Cardinal  Nike Air Maxes!!  knowing the apparatus is not fair with this!

A fresh view / fresh vision enables me to take it to the max;  check the status..haters truth or dare this!

But a sword or truth is carried out here!!  dealing with these grey area scenarios!

Staying on one accord with the heavenly father;  dedicated to the truth..but dealing with the smoke and mirrors;  whose fair with these and those?

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Just In Time For Christmas…

Once again it’s on!!  as Christmas approaches; who really has merchandise on sale?

…Marked up to regular price then twenty percent off;  now at its usual price!!  it’s not hard to tell!

Plus it’s not hard to fail!! its easy to get caught up in the system / matrix..who fakes it?   charge cards? people are  running them up to the maximum!

Plus it’s not hard to sell to those materialistic;  but like fiscal cliff plans..they get mad if the government taxes them!

O-Zone is not lax with them or those!!  check these clearance rack epiphanies!

Danger zone policies were like Syrian scud missiles..they interfere with our freedom..as we deal with these!

Please!!  it’s easy to get thrown under the bus..the short one or even mass transit!

Please!!  rubber is burned on you like the Gap Band;  socio-psycho related..like Adam Lanza..evil songs had another stanza..soon affected by the Uranus Pluto Square and the Venus Transit!

A brotha is like Gap, Limited, Wal-Mart or Macy’s;  but unlike Bangladesh …no workers burn in factories when he drops these clearance rack epiphanies!

Not limited….intergalactic….way way out there!!   there are no borders or boundaries!