As We Proceed / We Keep It Moving / Good Things Happen That Way…

As we proceed and continue…we keep it moving…good things happen that way…so  its time to move on to the next!

True indeed…but damn!!  is it a Turkish Spring?  how will we work this thing?  damn!! of course were wishing it was simple;  but things get complex!

But were doing the damn thing!! coming with the next!!  it’s the next chapter!!  it’s going down like this!

The funky drummer is drumming….O-Dizzle channels the spirit  and O-Zone has this good word; that’s how we plan to fight this!

Muscle and might is flexed like El Reno tornadoes with the Sonic Assault after hell was caught!!  now some will get whats coming to them!

Hustlers and players were soon out-of-pocket like Chrysler with dangerous  Grand Jeep Cherokees;  nothing was coming to them!

Whats up?  the system stays in our pockets!!  banks and oil companies make a killing!

Whats up?  as we proceed and continue ….we  keep it moving like European Black Markets…we put it down like this!! we weren’t through dealing!

Observing the scene; but were through chilling!!  now were ready to roll!!  were on our way!

Been there!! heard or seen it!! we know how these jokers are going to play! but we proceed and continue..we kept it moving…good things happen that  way…

Armchair quarterbacks run another play;  plus shadetree mechanics tighten screws!

But we proceed and continue to go there….ignoring fanatics we drop these mathematics on these different crews!