We’re Back At It

We’re back at it…once again its on!!  the saga / struggle continues!

I’m on a diet..South Beach one?  naw!! avoiding a  Jacob Tyler Roberts type fanatic out in Portland  with an AR-15….just chefs in hells kitchen with their menus!

Can’t lie about it!!  Bernice on South Beach Towing will jack your ass!!  straight up and down!

Dedicated to the truth….unlike fiscal cliff talks we can’t lie about it..trying to reach the masses!!  were back at it..but society will hate on what we put down!

Dedicated to the truth; didn’t  put up with a clown like the Screen Actors Guild vs Joaquin Phoenix… I didn’t like the way they moved!

Jokers were fronting..rolling in the Range Rover or Lincoln Navigator;  holding up traffic out in Phoenix  in the SUV or Stupid Useless Vehicle;  meanwhile I’m out here in Atlanta on I-20  in the hooptie..I see what it do!!  as O-Dizzle grooved!

O-Zone did what behooved him!! like Syrians its all about freedom…as we go all out!

….to get free and stay free in this danger zone..without a doubt!

Whats it all about?  I ask myself..standing alone against the world…sometimes a day late and a dollar short in this sport!

Whats it all about?  dude was skinning and grinning  like John McAfee   on the way back to the US…supposedly the competition subliminal message sending!! telling me..my mission? I should  abort!

Check my attitude!!  usually minding and tending..district and superior courts will put a brotha on the docket!

Were back it!!  shrewd, cunning, and clever with these Babylonians …dropping this good word while O-Dizzle will continue to rock it!


She Said It Is What It Is….

The prophetess stated we should accept it..change our perspective…damn!!  at the end of the day we should realize it is what it is!

Going through the process..like the presidential election..so how will we run the play? please!! its time for transition…. like Teena Marie it has to be Square Biz!

They threaten to pull some out of the lineup like Mike Vick when in reality Andy Reid needs to go!

Their was no blocking…but plenty of hustle knocking..even Marcus Vick chipped in…but we weren’t fooled by it the smoke and mirrors…breakbeat scientific business gets handled…we go for what we know…

O-Dizzle is rocking..O-Zone is typing this good word…we planted a secret garden; were waiting on the seeds to grow!

But plans fizzle…old girl said it is what it is..bombs explode like Damascus..who did you vote for? in the Northeast you can’t ask us because of Superstorm Sandy…understand me? so whatcha know?

A snitch says he needs to know;  acting like a secret squirrel out trying to get a nut!

Whats the verdict? up in Louisville / Newburg or Charlotte / Mecklenburg a ditch is where he lays …for acting like a nut in a hut!

How will some work it?  please!! they’ll have to network to get work…programmed by the corrupt ….who told them it was like this and like that!

How did we work it…slow jammed?  naw!! ..O-Dizzle puts it down…so whats up with that?…whats the dizzle?  I told jokers it is what it is;  they can’t fight that!

…told them to get right with that; the higher power..as the final hour approaches!

Thats word from this veteran in the game who now coaches!

Feel The Energy

Check us out…breakbeat scientific business continues;  check how energy is transformed!

We didn’t fake it..even though the energy shifted…some blamed it on the blue moon..but were letting you know what the deal is;  keeping you informed!

The embassy was stormed like we were over in Damascus Syria;  refugees book up; even Kofi Annan had to raise up!

But its like magic the way energy is transformed;  God is good!!  praises are sent up!

Its like magic…blessings come down; do we know what to do with them?

During the manufacturing process that seems to be shrinking in America… mechanical engineers will act brand new with them!

Social engineering was fracturing souls and spirits; the energy wasn’t processed correctly!

Loathing and fearing was a by product…like Israel vs Iran… checking the conduct when a fanatic hollas at me!

A fanatic throws a dollar at me so I can loose my identity;  soon you’ll be lost..way way out there!

Soon experiencing an energy crisis ….just like peak oil... check the high prices…some will blame it on Isaac…others were  waiting in the dark due to the blackout;  they’re caught out there!

Paying high prices;  but we hit them up with these clearance rack epiphanies!

Rolling like a Pisces…check the full moon hitting up Virgo..the polarity…whose swimming in seas of inequity?  dealing with those and these!

Please!!  how will we process the energy;  what will be the by product?

Please!!  we proceed and continue with this breakbeat scientific business;  check my conduct!

The Deliberate Falsehood Mixture / Scripture

Doctors were getting a taste of their own medicine; they were even asking me..whats the prognosis? 

Were rocking this breakbeat scientific business….jokers were meddling like UN observers in Syria; were we dispensing lethal doses? 

Haters were knocking this..said its  information overload;  approaching this in a disrespectful manner!

 Haters were just informants violating the street code…interrupting our transformation…then they want to hold up the blood stained banner! 

…Also a flag used by The Confederate Army? whats up with me? noticed that the deliberate falsehood was perpetrated; now David Banner turns into the Hulk….damn!!  life isn’t fair! 

We aren’t acting false in the hood….we didn’t misbehave with it; jamming on it…per Podomatic, even Soundcloud, and Hulk Share

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Deliberate Falsehood Mixture / Scripture.

O-Dizzle Is A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha

O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha;  but not offensive due to lack of soap or deodorant! 

Whats the dizzle?  check the sound to see how the odor will get! 

Whats the dizzle?  old girl will grab the Lysol and start spraying! 

….Might even pull out the Lemon Fresh Pine Sol and start wiping..with no delaying!

 O-Zone is not playing around with them; its like Syria…check the mass hysteria… souls get kidnapped and held for ransom! 

Just like the priestess said citizens of Haiti are done; face to face with a crook? not selected at random? Check the rest of this article at……

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: O-Dizzle Is A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha.

A Portal Opened Up

The economy is bad…..from Main Street to over in Spain we meet defeat….I’m broke but can still pay attention…spotted a portal that opened up; so I dipped through with the quickness!

Out in Aurora the peace that’s once had is gone….per James Holmes….whats up Holmes? the sport can go either way; wins or losses ….check this breakbeat science…bear witness to how I kick this!

We’re still shining like the aurora borealis…the trick is to keep it moving ; “it ain’t nothing nice” …sometimes we had to sacrifice!

O-Dizzle will keep grooving;  check the intergalactic funk based on circulating through the galaxy in transition; on a mission..paying the price!

Knowing how the sport will go; thugs and bullys with fullys “ain’t playing nice ” ..gunshots ring out from the Chicago to Damascus!

Found a portal to slide through knowing how this sport will go;  the saga /struggle continues; we haven’t seen the last of that and this!

Knowing how the sport will go…but some seem preoccupied!

Knowing how the sport will go….others wake up from NYC to Oakland; soon spots are occupied!

Still In This BreakBeat Scientific Business

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…chilling at Lenox Mall..I circled the block in the hooptie trying to catch fast black;  but my timing is off! 

Meanwhile gunshots and bombs blast in Aurora per James Holmes; whats up Holmes? peeps in my circle will rock at a high velocity; fast when we came back!!  its not a crime thing when O-Dizzle is going off! 

Who will work with ya?  who do you know off in this piece? the mass hysteria is like Syria….I even asked myself who can I lamp with?

Who will work with a bro? like South Sudan vs Sudan talks were suspended…I’m all up in the spot with a bunch of unhappy campers! 

Who will work with a bro?  whats up man?  the amps are adjusted by O-Dizzle …along with the bass, tone, and treble! 

Breakbeat scientific business is going down; its tight in these hoods… O-Zone lets you know were in a world of trouble! Check out the rest of this article at ……

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Still In This BreakBeat Scientific Business.

We’re Trying To Make The Best Of It

We’re caught up / caught out here..trying to dodge James Holmes types like out in Aurora..we’re  just trying to make the best of it! 

Whats up? we’re shining lights like the aurora borealis…but these haters play games..elementary like Holmes told Watson..jokers brought up scan sheets with multiple choices; trying to make a test of it! 

There’s no rest in it…the Babylon wilderness;  no justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

There’s no rest in it..but blessed in it..plus highly favored per the Clark Sisters..meanwhile O-Dizzle’s sound is funk flavored;  that’s the sound he plays! 

There’s no rest in it…all up in the spot…the vanity plate on the Cadillac Sedan Deville? blessed and highly favored…but still stressed..as society plays a brotha another way like they do Obama..like I just got here the other day!

 Check the Sonic Assault…we’re battle tested….a veteran in the sport now coaching ready to run another play! Check out the rest of this article at …

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: We’re Trying To Make The Best Of It.

Peeping Game / Observing The Scene

Observing the scene…things are chaotic like Damascus…so where’s Bashar al-Assad?  whose thinking of the peace they once had? please!! we’re trying to swerve through the scene..no Garman GPS was needed. 

Whose serving the masses or maybe using or corrupting them? just like Republicans crashing the economy; I noticed progress was impeded!

…..Spiritual warfare is going down…while this brotha clashes with titans another man was drunk, weeded, or even snorting bath salts!

…..Spiritual warfare is going down…while this brotha stashes obscure beats and the good word; dropping math with Sonic Assaults!

Another has rashes…any cures like for HIV? please!! the streets are talking…paths taken have some caught up in the system / matrix! 

Some stack paper like Mitt Romney then don’t want to disclose it; while another cashes out like a project / casino crap game; some were soon robbed by another player that faked it! check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Peeping Game / Observing The Scene.

It Was On and Popping…

Things have died down; like Jeremy Lin leaving the New York Knicks…but for a minute like Act II popcorn it was on and popping!

..Or maybe like Orville Redenbacher; what’s happening?  please!! O-Dizzle is a funky type of soul brotha… the chief rocker;  jazzing it up or even hip hopping!

Or maybe even housing;  he wasn’t quitting and wasn’t stopping;  meanwhile  like The Dark Knight Rises…O-Zone surprises….he was doing the knowledge!

….Sometimes he didn’t know about these earthlings !! so the mothership stays moving like Northern Lights… it gets good mileage!

Plus I’m knowing how foul it can get …..like needles in turkey sandwiches on Delta flights….thats why I’m usually minding and tending!

The style is blue collar …work is put in….not a jive turkey…with this good word I’m grinding;  while O-Dizzle is beat blending!

Act like you knew..holla at a scholar!!  were sending messages in the songs; they’re a spiritual conduit!

Blatant…subliminal…telepathic?  check how this math will get…as we go through it!

Meanwhile a joker like Mitt Romney said they were going to it;  they said it’s on and popping!

….But its foul on the frontlines of spiritual warfare;  it’s like over in Damascus…I see my folks dropping!

That’s why I continue dropping this breakbeat science on the masses!

I guess you can say its on and popping!!  as we conduct funk seminars and classes!