Options get weighed like I was getting ready for a boxing match! 

Word from Mayweather or Ortiz!!!!  please!! O-Dizzle is coming out fresh with a brand new batch! 

May weather signalled the start of summer madness; it’s over with!! now we fall through…but we continue to catch hell like Natalie Cole!

Haters say whatever..probably misinterpreting signals like virus infected drones…now O-Zone is  back with this forensic rhetoric…as we proceed; holla at us if your ready to roll!


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Secret Knowledge PT 2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Secret Knowledge PT 2.


Whats the knowledge for the day? some will try to keep it a secret…time will reveal like DeBarge..or like Obama’s job plan..we realize like Gaddafi..sometimes we can’t go home! 

The mothership gets good mileage; energy efficient….not crash landing like the NASA satellite..throughout the galaxies we roam! 

 Chilling out..low key…doing the knowledge…some of it was exposing fallacies that were on the dome; then I hit the purge button! 

I didn’t Watch The Throne; it was too shiny!! I’m out here where its grimy and gritty; surviving, but not saying it ain’t nothing!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Train Has Left The Station….Once Again….

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Train Has Left The Station….Once Again…..

The train has left the station; Westbound like the old Funkadelic record label? 

Five Points Marta Train Station in Atlanta….Westbound like Hamilton Holmes stations? after street merchants and street preachers try to reach us? they were acting shell shocked; mushroom psychedelic like..the style was unstable!

Speed merchants pass us up like planes in the Reno Air Race…but the train of thought is rolling !!!the Brotha O-Dizzle O-Zone is analyzing surrounding thought patterns;  fables, fairy tales, and urban myths were spotted!

We fight back against those we can’t work with…the drama is like Libya…they ask me…what’s the deal with ya? The Sonic Assault is unleashed on those who schemed and plotted!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Feeling?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Feeling?.


Peeping game like the hubble telescope; I noticed morale was low!

Sleeping in the game? not hardly!! it wasn’t like Libya...I didn’t rush in like other fools; I took my time..but the style is not slow!
Were cold crushing…krush grooving.. old new and next schools of thought are utilized ….as we flow down the stream of consciousness!

We were cold back in the day!! bum rushing the spot like Public Enemy..po pimping ….dipping in Cut Dogs, Buick Regals, and Jeep Cherokee Classics!

Now the world is cold…back in the way? please…now futuristic and classic materials combine; check the by product!

This futuristic mystic gets it in!! but under trial like Hosni Mubarak…it’s  from those that are questioning my conduct!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whatcha Trying To Do….Whatcha Going Through?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whatcha Trying To Do….Whatcha Going Through?.

Whats the deal ? whats going on like Marvin Gaye was asking?

Whatcha trying to do? some  are like Usain Bolt..they have visions of being in the limelight…basking!

Multitasking…rolling like Mitt Romney…a jack of all trades..the rest of the cliche? a master of none!

Peace everlasting is elusive; it wont be still!! word from Libya!!  during the ongoing process some will come undone!

Please!! were blasting back at the enemy…might even slap them upside the head with the blackjack!

Weather forecasting..spotting Tropical Storms like Lee……what’s the deally?  the weather is inclement.. history repeating? please!! we’re moving forward…were not turning back!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Up In The Matrix PT.2….But We Proceed and Continue…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Up In The Matrix PT.2….But We Proceed and Continue….


Just left the probation office;  it seems just people of color are caught up in the system!

Caught up in the matrix; whose faking it?  caking it up.. then sold another one out!!…said they were going in getting it in…going all out; so how are you living?

Reality checks are issued; some are waiting on Ben Bernanke to wave a magic wand…what are we on? time wasn’t forgiving…we should know how it go!

Please!! were dealing with flagrant agents..Shady Like Grady….please!! what’s the word from  Rick Perry and Bank of America?  we should know how it go!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Good Luck With That…..Hope That Works For Ya

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Good Luck With That…..Hope That Works For Ya.


Peeped game…saw how it was going down; some will get drafted like Terrelle Pryor by the Oakland Raiders.. I told some good luck with that!

They creeped up in the game like the rebels over in Libya;  I told them I hope that works for them..they said things were phat and all that!

Will offensive and defensive linemen block for them..get hurt for them? its all about teamwork..fall on the sword for the emperor!

As we go on the offensive with this; but we ran into opposition like Israel’s Iron Dome..seems things don’t work!! were just trying to even the score!

Then we might search for more;  a portal opened up…now I’m trying to slide through!

Then we fight like in South Sudan;  we might get hurt….we got more!! checked the casualties; what are we going through?

Knowing How The Sport Will Go….

Knowing How The Sport Will Go…..

I saw what went down; attacks were made on the empire like Rupert Murdoch’s…I had to ask them so how did that work for ya?

Whose tripping on where we went with the sound? it’s all about peace like the Dalai Lama;  but we use the Sonic Assault to respond to the drama…who has your back? will they get hurt for ya?

Slipping through the portal…just got back from Pluto..we had the good word for ya; plus the brand new funk!

Knowing how the sport will go..even ponzi schemes were run by Georgia’s ex-coach Donnan...down here in the ATL acting brand new..getting crunk?

Knowing how the sport will go…please!!! some shrunk after saying they were phat and all that!

Knowing how the sport will go…who flunked the test? now looking for an attorneys number so they can call that!

The Knowledge For The Day? Find A Portal To Slide Through..

The Knowledge For The Day? Find A Portal To Slide Through...


Whats the knowledge for today? if your kitchen isn’t clean don’t talk about anybody elses!

My advice? find a portal to slide through;  like us….good mileage when rolling on the Mothership; old girl said go on with your bad selves!

We were rolling like the Endeavour now back on terra firma; what’s the word from a bruh? we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space…what’s the knowledge for the day? noticed the masses were malnourished due to meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen!

Spanish cucumbers?  what will some succumb to? seminars and classes are conducted; now we refurbish the infrastructure…they were trying to corrupt ya!! that’s how were living!

A corrupt one like Ratko Mladic thought we were forgiving and forgetting; but it doesn’t work like that!

Whats up with this one? O-Dog will rock it!!  a peace envoy…but in some circles trust was broken; its like that!

Please!! I spotted the convoy trying to roll up like wagons that circled in the wild wild west!

Haters plotted and schemed; didn’t know we were highly favored and blessed!

The schematics are wrong; its blessed and highly favored…I have it backwards!

The fanatics stressed!! even the stock market will drop..some said you don’t quit and don’t stop!! if its not about a euro or dollar? folk were hustling backwards!

Heard What Was Said….They Had The Story Twisted..

Heard What Was Said….They Had The Story Twisted...


Who had the story twisted like today is supposed to be The Rapture…then tried to convince someone else that they were right?

Territories experience hostile takeovers like it’s Afghanistan.. the natives were restless but they didn’t fight!

Old girl down here in Georgia said I know dats right!! Newport from the green pack hanging out of her mouth..over in Decatur she scratched off lottery tickets at the corner store or casino!

Whats the business? will we handle it or will it handle us? what will the plot or scheme be?  please!!  O-Dizzle dropped funk, hip hop, plus jazz that was acid like amino!

During the ongoing spiritual warfare I had to blast on a gringo like we were over in Libya..they were acting different!

As we go there!! O-Dizzle will blast the sound! drums played like Ringo Starr; O-Zone is like all the planets in Taurus…out beyond the moons, planets and stars; earthlings think hes belligerent!