The Reign Began With A Drizzle / But Now The Sun Comes Out..

The reign began with a drizzle….American dreams per Martin Luther King or nightmares? like Brook Benton mentioned its a Rainy Night In Georgia!

Just trying to maintain!!  thats the dizzle !!  actually I think its raining all over the world!!  not just in Georgia!

From Cairo Egypt to  drones over in Yemen;  pay attention!!  but some might be too broke to do it!

Stressed…but bragging and boastng…said they’re smooth like Karo syrup!!  that’s the deal man!!  it’s real man!!  there’s no joke to it!

West Coasting…reflecting.…as we all go through it!!  blessed….getting what we need and not what we want!

Acting like we knew it !!  but some still get their swag on!!  I see them front and flaunt!

Now check the all out manhunt!!  like for Edward Snowden in Russia granted asylum or maybe like for  Al Qaeda operatives!

Hollywood type actors and actresses pull stunts like its Elysium!  floating like they’re gassed up with helium!!  I know how a joker operates!

The reign began with a drizzle!!  now were caught in a storm!

God provided shelter from the helter / skelter as we unleash Sonic Assaults; but  this science is not the norm!

But soon the storm is  the Sun comes out…its moved to whatcha know? I’m dipping down I-20 in Atlanta…moving on to the next..

Wishing it was simple….who will understand a bruh?  when I mention life has gotten complex..


Running Through A Gauntlet

Whats the deal?  how does the corporal punishment  feel?  its like were running through a gauntlet!

Was it real? hazed like FAMU band members? now  the suspension is over…though…now some turn their swag on even though theyre stressed; damn!!  they’re bragging and boasting!!  they fronted and flaunted!

Whats the deal? please!!  we “got out minds right ” ….amazed while West Coasting!!  of course it was after we hunted and gathered!

Whats the deal? we “got our minds right” the question;  too blessed to be stressed?  now collecting thoughts that were scattered!

Earlier? it was like we were in Cairo Egypt… we were bruised and battered like Cam McDaniel at Notre Dame… due to running through the gauntllet!

We cruised through the galaxy!!  smooth like Karo Syrup….thats whats up!!  its  like we were really doing something!!  but the house was haunted!

Whose getting foul with me? we used this breakbeat science to break cycles and curses;  we were chasing away ghosts and demons!

Check the mechanical engineering;  God is not through with me yet…angels were rocking hardhats and lime green safety vests!! putting it down like engineers from Siemens!

Checked out what a fanatic will do!!  loathing and fearing...soon building a gauntlet for the next man to go through!

Check the corporal punishment…check out these mathematics….but they won’t qualify us for sanctification;  there’s still a lot we have to go through!

So we’re not astonished by it..we act like we knew…soon winning championships like Usain Bolt..

Others were abmonished about it..they spoke up like Harry Lennix vs The Butler….its rough running through the gauntlet…others told a damn lie…I stayed away…refusing to get hit by the lightning bolt..

Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios PT.3

Still West Coasting with that West Coast State of Mind;  reflecting on Bay Area Scenarios!

Still blessed!!  but not bragging and boasting;  “everybody ain’t able” …they’re caught up in grey area scenarios!

They’re still stressed but some were still fronting  / swagging / coasting along;  until the ship sinks like the Costa Concordia!

….or maybe broke down like the Carnival Triumph …but a joker will lie about it creating more suspense or drama for ya!

I broke it down earlier;  but the West Coast frame of mind is still dominant!

Fighting the power like PE!!  or like Egyptians against the system…bumping heads with the apparatus like Occupy Oakland and other Oakland natives;  revolutionary feelings laid dormant!

Checked out the 60′s Berkley style  attitude that was dormant but it seems to be awakening!

…who’ll work with me?  please…they’re trying to corrupt me with their fronting and faking!

Typical grey area scenarios;  jokers try to bankrupt us like Detroit!! chefs in hells kitchen were baking “hella”  meals!

Typical bay area scenarios; checked out  players / fly Negroes in Oakland…they reminded me of the Detroit style!!  staking claims like 49er’s during the California gold rush;  check out the deals!

“Cuz”  rocking the San Francisco Giants  or 49ers gear feels like a real champion!

Just like me rocking the Louisville Cardinal  gear in the Bay Area…a real champion!

Pushing the envelope in grey areas…stamping it like a postal worker!

Some are going postal..the system is crushing embellishments; hopes and dreams are shattered!! egos bruised and battered !! who’ll work with a brotha?

The Reign Began With A Drizzle

I’m weather forecasting like Al Roker….spotted inclement weather like in Afghanistan with Karzai..somebody is a damn lie!!  but I know the reign began with a drizzle!

Whatever said the naysayer!!  just a foul joker that’s soon in pain after their plans fizzle!

Whats the dizzle? as Venezuela elects a successor to Hugo Chavez…I’m easy like this Sunday morning per the Commodores…chilling in the lab drinking Juan Valdez…

Whats the dizzle? let me tell you something; soon a brotha plays the lottery at Chavez’s Citgo station..flags were at half staff…or maybe I’ll go up to the Quik Trip station on Wesley Chapel Rd in Decatur Georgia…might get get a cup of Fair Trade coffee from Honduras….

But I digress…Whats the dizzle? check the weather…cunning and clever ones know whats up..taking advice…math dropped based on what veterans in the sport said…as we govern ourselves accordingly on this Sunday… like old school baptist preachers told us!

So called cunning and clever ones seem flabbergasted….like Egyptians mad about Port Said… now they try to reach us;  but they acted funny …down? they didn’t hold us!

We kept on running…even though it got lonely out there!! but haters try to fold us /stamp us;  like postal workers pushing the envelope!

Its cold out here to us!! even though we just set the clock to spring forward; Al Gore mentioned global warming;  Rev.  Jesse Jackson said up with hope and down with dope!

Its cold out here!! some try to score bath salts, synthetic pot,  or even E tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle!!  now O-Dizzle chops beats up while O-Zone writes this good word on tablets!

Its cold out here!!  the reign began with a drizzle..but seasons and reasons change;  haters damned us if we did or didn’t!

No pain no gain was the dizzle or cliché from back in the day;  Pops told me conditions would be harsh…he said deal with it!

We’re Still Going Off On Them

As we proceed and continue….whats on the menu? whats the deal? some will ask  Punxsutawney Phil; …meanwhile a brotha is still going off on them!

Some will get whats coming to them; some will say its not over like the French in Mali;  but some?  the message will be lost on them!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them…was the message lost in translation?  others were lost in transition!

Egypt: Esneh
Egypt: Esneh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

…Caught up in the confusion and frustration like we’re in Egypt…whats the deal with it?  I’m looking at this thing with a fresh vision!

High definition screens are used;  while the process of elimination bruised egos!

Catching up on his pimping was the word from the player player!!  in a system that used Negroes!

Check the middle passages…some held swaggers and steelos are updated and upgraded;  now dude said he’s going off on them!

Who will shoot the messengers? daggers, pistols,  and missiles were the weapons of choice by the opposition;  but check the degrees;  some are off by them!

English: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie W...

Mick Jagger types mention no satisfaction ….out of sync with the universe!

Word from the Rolling Stones !!! meanwhile were rolling on..check out the O-Zone verse!

Plus O-Dizzle is going off on them!!  hitting them upside the head with the Sonic Blackjack!

Class is in session!!  teaching them a lesson…showing them we have the knack!

Business As Usual…Diplomatic Immunity Was Revoked

Diplomatic immunity was revoked…now some were escorted out by security! 

…..Dude said he was right and the world was wrong…he said he was in conflict with it… but even the cat was killed by curiosity! 

That cat was on the wrong property!!! all up in the spot..said he was running it! 

That cat had the Bernie Madoff or Peter Madoff style; or maybe stacking or hiding paper like Mitt Romney…running it! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed; O-Dizzle is funky drumming it..the response will be appropiate! 

The tonic or elixir is drunk; bath salts for others or maybe some other barbituate or opiate! Check out the rest of this article at…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Business As Usual…Diplomatic Immunity Was Revoked.

The Gray Area / Smoke and Mirrors

Caught up..caught out there in the gray area; its smoky like approaching Detroit on I-75! 

Caught up in the system / matrix….is it like college graduates owing student loans? …we fill the void by Transmitting Live! 

Whose caught up with those that fake it?  like Egypt..tensions are high…told the wannabe pimp rolling like Huggie Bear your a damn lie!! please… we avoid those transmitting information to the authorities! 

….No information overload with strands of information coming in too fast; like Fox News..brainwashing by the media is going down in these hostile territories! 

 I’m in transformation mode..transcending and transforming… but the hot style used telling this story is considered a hot mess! 

Gray area transcriptions are countered by breakbeat scientific prescriptions from the hot messenger O-Zone; as we begin the healing process!  

check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Gray Area / Smoke and Mirrors.

Total Chaos / Caught Up In It

Taking a look around; peeping game..its like Egypt…all I see is Total Chaos! 

 I thought it was me like Bell Biv and Devoe; but I see others are taking a loss! 

Republicans crashed the economy purposely to make Obama look bad! 

Even took some of their own people down..collateral damage; as drama replaces peace they once had! 

…….If they ever had it; its Just an Illusion like that group Imagination was telling some! 

Meanwhile we have the hot message for ya;  please!! there’s  no information overload…O-Zone has this good word while O-Dizzle is using the drum!  check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Total Chaos / Caught Up In It.

The Saga / Struggle Continues…The Super Full Moon Madness / WordPress Edition

As we proceed and continue…dealing with The Super Full Moon in Scorpio.. the saga /struggle continues!

Everybody is dealing with their own episodes of the drama….from Gitmo  on over to Egypt..whats the deal with it? the episodes were sometimes consecutive; chefs in hells kitchen prepare menus!

All up in the spot….we’re  rocking different venues from Pluto to Mars;  and on back to the ATL!

All up in the spot…act like you know!! Let The Healing Process begin…check the battle scars;  bumping heads with those that want to see us fail!

They’re tripping !!! is it due to the Full Moon Madness in Scorpio? they’re seeing how it go…when they see us sail down the stream of consciousness;  floating…..float on float on!!  like the Floaters!

They’re tripping when we come with this; we know how it go..veterans in the game now coaching like Doug Collins with the Philly 76ers… we weren’t out in the sea of inequity with the other boaters!

The saga /struggle continues…some of my peeps are caught up in the system / matrix…but  your dealing with good word quoters and beat breakers!

Thats whats up with a brotha;  the saga /struggle continues ; enhanced by the Super Full Moon Madness…but we kept it moving ; dipping down this street….where will it take us?

Out there…dealing with the mass hysteria like Syria…wannabe power brokers fake us…just to make a few extra dollars but soon succumb to the madness in the Euro Zone….

Out There…we refuse to be subject to their authority…those jokers have turned this into a danger zone….

The saga / struggle continues in this hostile territory…but in response beats are broken…the  bass, treble and tone is adjusted plus the blue ink will hit the loose leaf…

The saga / struggle continues..powered by the Scorpio Super Full Moon Madness..not fooling with the jokers when we came back with this….no doctrines are followed…based on whose belief?

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather….

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Caught Out There In The Inclement Weather…..

excerpts…Clouds of suspicion fill the sky; please…you know  Al Roker told us about the weather!

Crowds gather; like we’re over in Cairo Egypt….what’s up with it?  rights suspensions was mentioned; but a foul joker said whatever!

Rowdy when we do the math for ya? summed up the’s a dark mysterious world we’re slipping through..a brotha was accused of being gone!

Like I was on that ganga weed; word from Jah Roots…the system? how was I living…O-Zone reboots…now sliding through the portal like Rupert Murdoch like I was on one!

Word from  DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and them with the murder rock!..whose caught out there in the inclement weather? peoples can’t find shelter…it’ll rain on whose dealing with the Jangaweed  in Darfur…or even Somali pirates on that khat ready to pull a caper?

…Whatcha come up in here for?….please!! out in the ATL listening to Gangsta Grillz over on MLK; or even on Wall Street. in NYC..they say its all about that paper!