The Reign Began With A Drizzle / Can You Stand The Reign?

Riding down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Kiss 104 playing the old jams!

Next up?  Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition; please!!  the Brotha O understands!

Its more like;  Can You Stand The Reign?  though…its like bombs still exploding in Iraq…maybe somebody understands what I’m talking about!

The reign of terror is ongoing!!  as those who are victimized stalk about!

I was looking for a fresh view / fresh vision…but smoke and mirrors were showing something to those that are able to see!

Check the grey area scenarios;  please!! per Aaron Hernandez things fall into your lap or you can fall into a trap!!  you’ll just have to see!

Being built or torn down?  debatable circumstances will have you tripping!

Way way out there!!  some spots they’ll hate on a bruh!!  jokers are out there flipping!

During the reign of terror you have to be thorough; skipping steps in the process will backfire!

During the reign of terror you’ll have to be genuine / authentic…not like  Paula Deen…as episodes transpire!

Louisville / Newburg modes of operation based on default settings will go down!

Didn’t merge with the apparatus; can you stand the reign?  check the status..its going down!