Incognito – Port Louis (United Future Organization Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, as we follow those principles…

…unlike Trump resisting a smooth transfer of the reigns of government to Joe Biden; as Trump keeps riding with Rudy Giuliani riding shotgun; no where near invincible ..

It doesn’t make sense bro!! we’ll keep riding for freedom dropping beats that bump plus this good word in the midst of the ongoing madness..

Dealing with a resurgence of Covid 19 back on the scene with a vengeance but we’re trying to purge the arch nemesis on the premises

Good music is playing when we’re back on the scene, we’re listening to some house music / jazz dance from Incognitowith a track they call Port Louis (United Future Organization Remix)

O-Dog Day Partying / Afternoon Jazzing into the evening still believing and achieving low key though, incognito no attention needed as we get breakbeat scientific..

Check this out at Incognito – Port Louis (United Future Organization Remix)

United Future Organization featuring g Dee Dee Bridgewater – Flying Saucer (Kings Of Tomorrow Remix )

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we keep this Saturday Night Fever thing going..

Chilling out down here in Atlanta Georgia ground zero for this 2020 Election; which way is democracy going? 

GOP hypocrisy is showing, no Covid 19 relief package for the masses..

We’re back with this after enjoying this beautiful day in Atlanta, masked and social distancing when chilling with the masses! 

Sunshine and blue skies were present, a present! but interrupted by jets flying across the sky leaving chemtrails

Two of the jets made a giant X in the sky; Atlanta a target? Don’t even start it, no weapons formed will prosper! The negative plot / scheme fails…

A jet sails high in the sky; a joker over on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain  that was smoking that loud thought it was a UFO / flying saucer…

…similar to this track by UFO aka the United Future Organization featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater on the vocals called Flying Saucer? This is the Kings of Tomorrow remix feel this it’s got plenty of sauce bro! 

Check this out at United Future Organization featuring g Dee Dee Bridgewater – Flying Saucer 

United Future Organisation – The Planet Plan (DJ Die Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; check us out as we get this HumpDay Extravaganza segment underway…

…Like following CDC guidelines concerning the coronavirus we’re following breakbeat scientific guidelines by dropping this good word and letting the music play…

…CDC on the sidelines concerning the coronavirus as the herd immunity strategy is implemented? low tech / low science officials acting demented?

Catch me out here still riding for mine; what? my freedom, surprising devils who heard of my diplomatic immunity per being blessed and highly favored like the Clark Sisters; can you dig it?

Catch me out here digging for mine all up in these crates, checking out this track by United Future Organization called The Planet Plan (DJ Die Mix); back to the future a dude moves!!

Rebuking those rigging outcomes with their planet plans; we’re dropping this from Atlanta to Japan, it’s part of a bigger plan as a brotha shows / proves…


There and Back 03 Mix by Sergo (Insomnia Edition)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re checking out some chillout, soul jazz, house music and electro from the There and Back 03 Mix by Sergo (Insomnia Edition). Perfect for this Thursday evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix..

1 – Frédéric Chopin feat. Cool & Jazzy & Angelika Varum – Prelude in E-Minor
2 – Henri Texier – Quand Les Blues S’en Ira
3 – Govinda – Falling From Grace
4 – Sofa Surfers feat. Mani Obeya – Out Damn Light
5 – Faithless – Insomnia (D2 Remix)
6 – Conjure One – Under The Gun (Original Mix)
7 – Elsiane – Mechanics of Emotion
8 – Sofa Surfers feat. Mani Obeya – Broken Together
9 – Blue Foundation – Bonfires
10 – Ennio Morricone – Amapola
11 – Elsiane – Assemblage Point
12 – Norah Jones / Wax Poetic – Angels (Thievery Corporation Remix)
13 – Soulstice – Colour
14 – Bliss – La Mamounia Theme (Cello Solo)
15 – Henry Manchini – Lujon
16 – Hybrid – Disappear Here (Radio Edit)
17 – I Monster – Who Is She?
18 – Bliss – The Atlas Mountains
19 – United Future Organization – Mistress of Dance
20 – Elsiane – Paranoia
21 – Paul Schwartz feat Mario Grigorov – Dido
22 – Delerium – Stargazing (Feat. Angela McCluskey)
23 – Amurai – Love & Light (Downtempo Mix)
24 – Hybrid – Break My Soul
25 – Jamiroquai – Digital Vibrations
26 – David Bowie / Massive Attack – Nature Boy
27 – Sarah Blasko – All I Want (BENY Remix)
28 – Ohm-G – Nana
29 – Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo Sul Mare
30 – Hermitude – Frayed (feat. Steve Clisby)
31 – Bonobo – If You Stayed Over (Cessa Remix)
32 – Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jaques Morelenbaum & Everton Nelson / Gustavo Santaolalla – Bibo No Aozora/Endless Flight and Babel