James Brown – I’m Satisfied (Underdog Edits)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; my constituents know the science…

…..knowing that things can play out either way that’s why we pray and keep it moving; God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven; check the science..

…God is good and God is good all the time, but check how these earthlings play; in the natural process? they’ll start meddling..

…now we have this coronavirus upon us, straight out of labs in Wuhan,so what’s up man? now they’ve got this dude rocking the mask and social distancing!!

The pursuit of the prize was resumed, out off of I-20 in Atlanta pulling up to these spots replacing provisions that we’re consumed!! in the mothership the sound boomed; now I’m back in the lab again…

Sheltering in place,  now putting this funk in your face!! listening to James Brown with I’m Satisfied (Underdog Edits); it’s hot!!  O-Dog Day Partying!! it’s on, once again!!

Check this out at James Brown – I’m Satisfied (Underdog Edits)


Nu-Disco Funk Mix May 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; we’re dropping this like it’s heavy…

The saga / struggle continues!! per Throwback Thursday? I reflect on the days I was dipping in the big bodied Chevy!!

Oh yes!! rolling in the Chevy Impala dipping down Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville , reminded of those days since the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday…

Oh yes!! back in the day? I was trying to make a couple of dollars rolling in big bodied Checker Cabs!! these days? I’m down here in Atlanta rocking hard in breakbeat scientific labs!! this how the work will be;  “holla at me”

I take it back to the future, listening to this Nu-Disco Funk Mix May 2018 from DJ Steve Adams..

It’s a mixture of the old and new,  so act like you knew!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this cat is jamming!!


1. Kindred Soul x Get To Know ft Kayleigh Gibson – Hold On (Dr Packer Remix)

2. Stephane Deschezeaux – Walk Away

3. Alien Disco Sugar – Gimme Your Lovin’

4. Dr. Packer – Gotta Have Your Lovin’

5. Delicious – I Got To Find A Superstition (Stevie Wonder vs The Family’s Jam)

6. Dr Packer – A Thousand Kisses

7. Dr Packer – Delightful Times

8. Full Intention & Nick Reach Up – Night of My Life (Full Vocal Mix)

9. McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now (The Reflex Revision)

10. Alien Disco Sugar – The Joint

11. Stephane Deschezeaux – We Got A Funky Feelin’

12. Underdog Edits – Just Fakin’ It

13. HP Vince & Dave Leatherman – Celebrate

14. Ultra Naté – New Kind Of Medicine