Good Friday Rants and Raves..

This is how it’s going down on a Good Friday like we’re in Jerusalem!!  you know your dude has some rants and raves.

Already clowned by naysayers per deliberate falsehoods,  they lied about me, said I was acting brand new like Ted Cruz Sex Scandals,  trying to say a dude misbehaves.

Please!!  these Grace Jones beat slaves operate like vandals as they carry   *the sword of truth in the midst of so many falsehoods*  while ISIS fanatics try to mix the Mother of Satan.

Those devils advocates are back at it!!  during the ongoing crisis dude acted like the brother of satan.

Ignoring the daughter of chaos as she keeps playing!! next level moves are made!!  we’re back with it on the Easter Holiday Weekend.

Refusing to take a loss!! next level moves are made by the son of June,  not Esther!!  jokers are like Uncle Fester with the game they play,  it’s a weak one.

On the Easter Holiday Weekend?  jokers are like Aunt Esther or  Uncle Vester aka Bernie Mac at the family gathering.

In East Atlanta?  there was no rest for brokers like *Uncle O*  /  we’re breaking tracks while O-Zone brings this math again.

Once again it’s on!!  check out these Good Friday rants and raves.

The masses are flabbergasted,  not understanding why this dude misbehaves.

Classes are in session, the Sonic Blackjack is swinging!!  plus the Hot Messenger had a delivery…

Check out these Good Friday rants and raves!! the saga / struggle continues!! it’s like Batman vs Superman, sorry for the spoiler alert!! breakbeat science is dropped to let my peeps know the deally!!