It Caught Up With Us

Damn!! taking a look at things…like Mitt Romney at Bain Capital;  I see some stuff caught up with us! 

Residue was in the atmosphere…I soaked up game / cosmic debris from crooks and criminals that were brought up with us! 

What it do? from Cape Fear to Charlotte / Mecklenburg to Louisville / Newburg its all up in us; check the moves that we make! 

As we go there showing no a Chinese warship in the Philippines…ignored those Philistines…we didn’t merge with the apparatus; checked the status…some will prove that they’re fake! 

Jet setters / go getters make moves…they’re break is on the way or so they think! 

Trendsetters want to prove they’re ahead in the game; Jim Jones Kool Aid or elixirs are provided…so they drink! Check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: It Caught Up With Us.


Damn!! We’re Still Subject To The Authority?

Thought and fashion police were posted up like Dekalb County police on I-20 in Atlanta…soon were subject to the authority!

Caught up the system / matrix; these jokers fake it… its like Dallas and JR Ewing; were dealing with the drama royalty!

Drama kings and queens do their things!! like Phil Jackson calling the New York Knicks clumsy….no loyalty is shown….its all about money, power, and respect!

…..At least that’s what they say;  but at the end of the day they even get played by these gamblers out for a fast buck!! but what did they expect?

Meanwhile O-Zone is cashing reality checks; O-Dizzle makes sound effects…the drums will be the determining f

actor…as alter egos combine;  a dynamic duo!
A dynamic duo like Durant and Westbrooks?  please..were in the middle of it…there’s no rest for us so called

crooks…danger zone residents were universal; from altered Negroes here in the ATL to extraterrestrials out beyond Mars and Pluto!  check out the rest of this article at the Sonic Assault…