The Jazz Groove Syndicate – The Abyss (The Club Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! chilling out in the lab, reflecting / contemplating on all matters concerning life…The saga / struggle continues!! sonic rehab has me deflecting the ongoing hating; contributing to the toil / strife..

Not whining, just beat mining!!  rocking a lime green safety vest, steel toe shoes and a hardhat with a lantern on top.. a coal miner in Kentucky or West Virginia!! tricked by Mitch McConnell or Joe Manchin into doing their bidding, meanwhile we drop jazz, funk, house music and hip hop!!

Just left east Kentucky on I-75 aka the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail, still flying some hope we fail; please!! beats thump, there are no slow jams!! listening to Julius Papp aka The Jazz Groove Syndicate with a jazzdance track called  The Abyss (The Club Mix)

Jazzdance?  a derivative of house music and jazz so don’t spaz!! check out the sound as we stay true to the culture getting breakbeat scientific!!

Check this out at The Jazz Groove Syndicate – The Abyss (The Club Mix)


Moodymann – Sunday Morning

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as this Sunday brunch is served!

We’re back after a brief hiatus, out on Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trial aka I-75 up in Kentucky we swerved..

…all up in Louisville where the struggle is real where the scene was observed from the Newburg to the West End and South End!

They’re prospering on the East End, similar to Charlotte and here in Atlanta where new skyscrapers go up while the masses are struggling!

But we’re back, breakbeat scientific principles we’re juggling broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, known as the Institute for Breakbeat Scientific Studies!

We’re coming through listening to Moodymann dropping this jazz dance / jazz funk / house music track called Sunday morning which is the current time frame but this math dropped is good for anytime! do to studies!

Collections / Connections (Part Three)

We’re back from a brief hiatus; we were up on the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail aka I -75 up in Kentucky..

…home of that crook Mitch McConnell the dude blocking progress refusing to stop the madness that we see..

Home going ceremonies caste a spell, they were held for the matriarch; she had a good life!

Riding around Louisville from the East Side to the West Side dealing with the Covid 19 and Breonna Taylor aftermath doing the math calculating the toil and strife..

Collecting thoughts that were scattered; this life is full of ups and downs..

Sonic Assaults are unleashed based on breakbeat scientific connections; we’re utilizing this good word plus the sounds..

What’s the business? these random thoughts are collected, like after holiday debt business conducted at collection agencies!

No debt ceiling?   time is revealing  like Debarge? please!! reckless abandon taught us lessons now knowing what the deal is!!  plus the arch nemesis  was on the premises? I spotted the vacancies!

Check this out at Collections / Connections (Part Three)