Cold Chilling…It’s All Natural..

Cold Chilling…It’s All Natural...

excerpts…….A bruh is cold the ice maker in the refrigerator…its all natural; sitting on my front porch catching the nice breeze! ..

But this world is cold…word from a hater!! drama is as large as William Refrigerator Perry was..whose back with you? the winds of change were blowing; did we need to change our steez?

The train of thought is rolling..but did we need to ease on down the road like The Wiz with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross?

Who’ll front or floss like Wiz Khalifa  at Barneys  but still treated like nobody..or did we need to hold down the fort like the chairman of the board? Tupac back? bossing like Rick Ross!

Maintaining; wasn’t fronting and flossing!! please..that just makes you a target!

The opposition gaining on you as you look over your shoulder? like Syrian troops  gaining on protestors.. showing the knack from the ATL to Louisville;  from Cincinnati to Charlotte!

Or maybe in the heart of it from Islamabad to Baghdad;  from Tokyo to Chicago!

Its going down cousin!!  holla if you here me!! word from Tupac…as O-Dizzle will could you not know?

How could you not go with the flow somebody asked me? I told them it wasn’t natural!

I was at the service desk…products,  goods and services reflected shoddy workmanship; act like you knew!