Kamasi Washington – The Space Travelers Lullaby

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday afternoon morphs into Sunday evening; excuse us as we keep believing..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, but we continue to play even though these earthlings keep deceiving..

We continue to play on still achieving, confusing the opposition by how we work things; thought and fashion police will try to roll up like Trump’s Stormtroopers out in Portland cheating in the sport again; like the CDC not supplying data from Covid – 19, soon some will wonder where the truth is…

We continue to play on still achieving, using this sound and the good word to repel wannabe Hunger Games Peacekeepers; somebody asked what district are we in? wondering where the proof is…

We continue to stray on and off the path based on doing the math; catch us creeping out by Pluto and Mars  healing the scars;  per Marvin Gayeundergoing a Funky Space Reincarnation? 

We continue to stray on and off the path based on doing the math, soon feeling the wrath?  soon chilling in the mothership listening to Kamasi Washington with The Space Travelers Lullaby; check out the good music playing!!

Check this out at Kamasi Washington – The Space Travelers Lullaby


Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; can you dig it? 

Something tells me you will, we’re just trying to chill on a Saturday night but knowing some of these folks “ain’t right” ; the outcome? they’ll try to rig it..

…like Trump shifting Covid – 19 data from the CDC to the HHS; expect the figures to improve as he tries to “show and prove” / impress in an election year… 

Beats bump, good music is playing as we relieve the stress due to twin pandemics; Covid – 19 and systemic racism during the ongoing reign of terror..

Streets in a slump? we’re ready to go back out in space, we’re ready to fix the lights blinking on the instrument panel and fire up the mothership for intergalactic journeys..

Listening to Marvin Gaye with  A Funky Space Reincarnation, check out the transformation as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific dropping mathematics during these journeys..

Check this out at Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation

MFSB – Picnic In The Park

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, we’re following those guidelines..

…like CDC guidelines concerning Covid – 19 that’s how we’re playing even though Trump wants the CDC on the sidelines..

…concerning Covid – 19 data
, check out this breakbeat scientific data dump from a player out here going for mine, you heard? 

Wearing the damn mask and social distancing when doing the damn thing!! in the meantime dropping this sound and the good word..

Multi – tasking not anti- social with this, sometimes out getting some fresh air at the park, per Flashback Friday reminded of chilling out, picnicking  in Shawnee Park and Chickasaw Park up in Louisville, now ground zero for “no justice no peace” per Breonna Taylor..

Now basking in the sunlight /  getting fresh air down here off of I-20 in Atlanta per a MFSB with a Picnic In The Park, what more can I tell ya? 

Check this out at MFSB – Picnic In The Park


Skyy ‎– Show Me The Way (FabioLous Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, bear witness to how this work will be…

…retro – futuristic; this prevents us from going ballistic due to the ongoing madness; breakbeat scientific is how this work will be…

Somebody will respect the science, unlike the CDC being disrespected by the Trump administration concerning Covid -19 data, this is not that type of situation; we’re putting it down like this!!

Somebody will respect the science, good music will play as the beats bump while after casing the joint O-Zone has the data dump!!  we’re putting it down like this!!

My constituents were like Skyy ;  Show Me The Way was the request, check the  (FabioLous Remix)

Constitutions are not disrespected like Bill Barr types, jokers  raising the bar coming through with these hypes that Public Enemy told us not to believe in per Throwback Thursday, we’re still achieving it!!

Check this out at Skyy ‎– Show Me The Way (FabioLous Remix)


Peaches and Herb ‎– FunTime (FabioLous Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; that’s how this work will be…

Retro – futuristic with it, work put in by this pseudo mystic who didn’t miss it but thought and fashion police think we’re unworthy..

It’s also a Thankful Thursday, a dude is grateful even though the hate won’t go away check this Nick Cannon episode..

Plus jokers will get slick with the Covid -19 data, transfered from the CDC to the HHS per the ongoing cover- up mode..

Plus jokers will get slick with it, Covid -19 data concerning vaccines stolen by the Russians? something about some Cozy Bear hackers!!

Plus jokers will get sick with it like Louisville officials, no charges against Breonna Taylor murderers but if we post up in front of the Trump supporting Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s home they’ll try to jack us!!

Going for broke, Louisville / Newburg default settings activated on a Throwback Thursday, bearing witness to what a funky track does listening to Peaches and Herb with FunTime (FabioLous Remix)

It’s no joke, the real deal? not merging with the apparatus check the status as we try to have a fun time in the midst of the ongoing madness, we also continue to get breakbeat scientific