Kamasi Washington – The Space Travelers Lullaby

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday afternoon morphs into Sunday evening; excuse us as we keep believing..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, but we continue to play even though these earthlings keep deceiving..

We continue to play on still achieving, confusing the opposition by how we work things; thought and fashion police will try to roll up like Trump’s Stormtroopers out in Portland cheating in the sport again; like the CDC not supplying data from Covid – 19, soon some will wonder where the truth is…

We continue to play on still achieving, using this sound and the good word to repel wannabe Hunger Games Peacekeepers; somebody asked what district are we in? wondering where the proof is…

We continue to stray on and off the path based on doing the math; catch us creeping out by Pluto and Mars  healing the scars;  per Marvin Gayeundergoing a Funky Space Reincarnation? 

We continue to stray on and off the path based on doing the math, soon feeling the wrath?  soon chilling in the mothership listening to Kamasi Washington with The Space Travelers Lullaby; check out the good music playing!!

Check this out at Kamasi Washington – The Space Travelers Lullaby



Izo FitzRoy – Say Something (Smoove Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon, we usually have an Afternoon Jazz thing going…

Following in that tradition, but also O-Dog Day Partying; making it funky like James Brown the Godfather of Soul talked about, going all out; whatcha knowing?

..whatcha know about it? we’re out here sonic assaulting the arch nemesis that’s on the premises, sometimes like Trump making empty promises but we see how that turned out…

Check the approval ratings, soon desperate with another level of hating pulling up with stormtroopers from Portland to your town after Confederate monuments were snatched down and storefronts burned out..

Check the moves we’re making, turning it out with this soul jazz / jazz funk from Izo FitzRoy with a track called Say Something (Smoove Remix)

It’s courtesy of Jalapeno Records as we rock these networks from the United Kingdom to here in Atlanta ; we’re trying to do something by getting breakbeat scientific..