The Bahama Soul Club – King’s Wig (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! mentioned earlier we hit the ground running, I guess you can say we’re rolling..

Let the music play!!  jazz / soul jazz / jazzdance / jazz funk / jazzhop? check the sound we bring!! word up to those scrolling and trolling!!

We’re working it out one way or another!! word from the brotha still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! it’s my gateway to the universe..

We’re working it out one way or another!! somebody might understand a brotha trying to reverse the curse..

I heard a verse or two from Trump types in reference to  no collusion / rigged witch hunts  while we continue to gather / hunt per our digital crate digging…

The Bahama Soul Club with King’s Wig (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) plays; Trump hair style reference? these breakbeat scientific expeditions taken? some are digging!