We’re Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Ten)

Y’all heard the expression attributed to Winston Churchill; he mentioned “If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going

I heard y’all are stressing, not disputed because the struggle is real but we’re trying to make it to the other side!! take our word, we’re not quitting / stopping…

With the music? we’re blessing y’all; jazz funking / housing / rocking or hip hopping the masses conducting seminars and classes.

Amused by it all? not O-Zone as he goes into a zone typing this good word after cashing reality checks / taking classes..

…enrolled at adversity university plus the faculty or staff wouldn’t wok with me; they want to see my kind dropping…

The worst version of me and my kind was emphasized!! now fromAtlanta to Louisville to Minneapolis and all points in between my people felt the pain; but check the uprising, my people aren’t quitting / stopping..

Check this out at We’re Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Ten)