A weird energy is floating around; like the stock market and the economy there’s a lot of uncertainty!

A weird entity because I rock the blue-collar style and nobody will work with me?

What’s the deal? …They’re usually not checking for me;  but I realize that could be a good thing!

I took it back to my Roots like Alex Haley ; this is a hood thing!

This is a good thing we bring check;  this good word plus the brand new funk!

It’s not a knock on wood thing!!  the elementary teacher said we can’t trust to luck;  its like the NBA all-star game…were in the contest with a brand new dunk!

Gamblers were out for a fast buck;  said its elementary like Sherlock Holmes told Watson; whose phat and all that? acting brand new but eventually they shrunk!

The uncertainty hit them; earlier they were down here in the ATL getting crunk!

Whats the deally? 100 degrees in the ATL and little homie and them were rocking hoodies!

Standing in front of Hugo Chavez’s Citgo station over in Decatur..said they had the goodies.

Took OutKast ,Goodie Mobs and the Dungeon Family’s advice; out here trying to get something!

Facing uncertainty;  the saga struggle continues. .there’ll always be something!