Eric Benét – When You Think Of Me (Featuring – Roy Ayers)

Sunday Jazz  err wait a minute, Digital Crate Digging Continues as Flashback Friday business is handled from out here in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta but I had to think; Sunday and Jazz? as far back as I can remember they go together…

Sunday and Jazz? schooled on that format per WLOU radio up in Louisville back in the day; they had it together..

Tobe Howard and others kept these brothers up on the latest jazz, so I try to keep the tradition going…

Going all out kid!! but brothers like me deal with these haters / naysayers, I’m not trying to spaz on them; with the Lord? I keep a petition going!! 

Lord Help is the battle cry!! why ask why? we kept it moving, chilling out in the lab listening to Eric Benét with When You Think Of Me (Featuring  Roy Ayers)

Oh yes! it’s a smooth track, some of that soul jazz!! but what else can you expect from these players? 

Check this out at Eric Benét – When You Think Of Me (Featuring – Roy Ayers)


Les McCann – Talk to the People

 Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we put it down on this Sunday evening!

Memorial Day festivities took place this weekend leading to the official holiday tomorrow; in democracy? some keep believing…

….even though their relatives may have paid the ultimate price defending it…

..,even though democracy is under attack from Trump and his insurgents who have plans for remixing it..

We come through with the mix, now listening to Les McCann telling us we need to Talk To The People..

Classic material! I remember listening to Tobe Howard play this on 1350 WLOU up in Louisville way back in the day! dropping that Sunday Jazz on the people!

I heard it on 91.9 WCLK earlier today while cruising out on I-20 in Atlanta!

It sounded so nice I had to hear it twice! check out the players and the track! Mr McCann was dropping knowledge on this track! I understand the brotha.. 

SOUL FUNK 60’s 70’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse us, but this is how the work will be…

Real digital crate digging on these menus; throwbacks from back in the day?  this is how the work will be…

Some are digging what’s on these menus, it’s that real music; hate to sound like that old “fuddy duddy” but buddy?  today’s music doesn’t even compare to these sounds from back in the day…

O-Zone? a futuristic brotha, so don’t get me wrong!! a dude is a big music lover, loving the sounds from today…

…but in a zone listening to SOUL FUNK 60’s 70’s courtesy of Lou Dav; reminded me of sounds from back in the day WLOU 1350 with Tobe Howard and Bill Summers; O-Dizzle? a funky drummer so how did you expect a Louisville dude  to behave?

Check out the playlist and the mix, I hope the thought and fashion police don’t mess with this!! they’ll try to say a dude misbehaves!!

Milton Wright – You Don’t Even Know Me

Brief Encounter – Human

jeanie greene – sure as sin

Nelson Sanders – I’ m lonely

Spencer Wiggins – Lonely Man

1619 Bad Ass Band – I Am Mine

Burning Desire – Why She Had to Go

Karen Small – To Get You Back Again

Scott Cunningham Band – Morning Madness

lil bob & the lollipops – nobody but you

Roosevelt Roberts Hooked – on your love

Little Ann – Deep Shadows

Bobby Boyd Congress – In A Strange Strange Land

Andrew Brown – You Made Me Suffer

The Organics – Footstumpin’

Check this out at

Donald Fagen – New Frontier

Sunday Jazz Continues; besides gospel music, what other style or genre are you supposed to listen to on a Sunday?

Schooled up in Louisville  by Tobe Howard and  the Brown Panther, listening to WLOU 1350 as they put it down on a Sunday..

Fooled by Louisville football, thought they had “righted their wrongs” but they snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory against Florida State..

Fooled by Brett Kavanuagh at the confirmation hearings? naw, he was just running plays from the Trump playbook; just a crook showing hate..

…along with Lindsey Graham but we come to jam; listening to Donald Fagen talk about the  New Frontier..

Oh yes!! the Steely Dan alumnus dropping science on us!! check out the all star players and the track as they take us there..