The I-20 Chronicles …Its A Small World

From Dipping down 1-20 in The ATL to The Gaza Strip; from Pakistan to Dubai..whatcha know?  its a small world!

Jokers were slipping…in Decatur Dekalb County Police rushed the house off of Candler Rd…locking jokers up…confiscating contraband; whats up man? what was you told?  hopefully no information overload…its not hard to tell how somebody will flip;  y’all should know the drama will unfurl! 

Jokers were flipping…upsetting the drug overlord?  will they get hit up by El Chilango? Zetas aren’t fooling with a gringo…meanwhile in other jurisdictions they’re hurling rocks to improvised explosive devices;  bear witness to when some are left to their own devices! 

An earthling is tripping…..its one who knocks the hustle of this brotha; I’m not surprised….I’ve been paying these prices!

I continue to work this thing during the ongoing crisis; I’m trying to make a comeback like Tiger Woods….the style is blue collar! 

Check the menu;  “it ain’t nothing nice” like Marvin makes you wanna holler!  check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The I-20 Chronicles …Its A Small World.

I Wasn’t Trying To Hear It..

 Whats really going on?  I peeped game…like checking for the internet doomsday..also  like the doctor taking the pulse of a patient!

Plus like the House passing the cyber security bill…these danger zone residents were moving in slow motion like the BCS;  I was told to be patient!

But flagrant fouls were committed when I tried to drive to the hoop;  like I was playing against Metta World Peace!

Whats really going on?  some fake it!!  sounding like politicians…talking slick with silver tongues…who succumbs?  finding out there’s no justice and no peace!

Please!!  game recognizes game…I wasnt trying to hear that mess they were talking!

Peeping game;  spotted dude pimping through Lenox Mall in Atlanta in the Stacy Adams kicks… just got out of the Cadillac Sedan Deville;  said he was a player but the ladies? he was just stalking!

Balking on the mound ….not really pitching;  whats the deal?  now wishing it was a simple thing….now  the runners on base will advance!

Chalking it up to experience;  po po white chalking and crime scene taping…but I’m not trying to hear this; Im trying to advance!

Walking up through the streets of Atlanta with these clearance rack epiphanies in the Swiss Gear backpack..check the math I bring….the good word? I have a whole sack full…

Snitches were talking up a storm…they just had to run and tell it!!!….interference with this breakbeat science business was a haters mission…but I wasn’t trying to make an impression…I was just hunting and gathering….putting work in blue-collar style!! manual labor until my back pulls…

Once off track when a haters pulls a caper..its tight in these hoods…jokers were talking slick…but I wasn’t trying to hear that…

Now I’m back on track…making a comeback like Tiger Woods….but spiritual warfare continues to go down…but I’m not trying to fear that!!




Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Still Rebuking The Hostile Takeover…

A bruh is all all up in the spot!! but like the UN with monitors in Syria  so called powers that be try to flex their authority! 

The situation is hot like Las Vegas in the summer!! check the mass hysteria….jokers run up like in Sudan / South Sudan…trying to annex territory! 

They tried to fake us like the militants in Afghanistan with 11 tons of explosives..whatcha saying cousin? please!! O-Dizzle had the funky drummer drumming; plus O-Zone will tell this story with a hot style! 

Jokers tried to shake us…..Lyrid Meteor Showers were used to distract us…the arch nemesis is even on the premises; it appears the takeover will be hostile! 

Jokers tried to break us with torture chambers like Gitmo; even waterboarding in showers…they said we were posing a threat!

That’s ironic….I told them; pump your brakes cuz!! like Bendix..its like this!!! from the get go they were posing a threat! check out the rest at  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Still Rebuking The Hostile Takeover….

Relocation / Renovation

Industrial strength mechanical engineering is going down; bear witness to the renovation!

Whatcha know? whats really going on?  just ask Blogster … bear witness to the relocation!

Whatcha know? I was played like a mobster…but I found a portal to slide through;  IT geeks told me it’s for a limited time only!

Just like fast food specials that geeks the masses up like mall specials gasses them up;  shopping at Macy’s or Gap Limited only!

What’s up with it?  like the Supreme Court vs Obama on the health care law….a fast fool tried to play me;  but cosmic karma is a real mother for ya!

Thats the rule Johnny Guitar Watson dropped on them; this is a real brotha for ya!

Check this Louisville / Newburg representative; it’s not elementary like Watson was told by Sherlock Holmes!

Its way too real!!!  but I made a comeback like Tiger Woods…I didn’t merge with the apparatus though; you’ll get hurt like that Holmes!

Its way too real!!  it was tight in these hoods…ditches are full of snitches from Newburg to Sumter South Carolina!

Its like dealing with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or out there in the backwoods; maybe even the Georgia Red Clay that Freddie Hubbard played..didn’t know?  better find out bruh!

I could see smoking the backwoods blowed the mind out of a bruh;  like not putting oil in the Chevy Caprice did the engine!

No joking!!  please!! the economy has me back in these hoods from Decatur Georgia to Charlotte Mecklenburg;  whatcha know?  it aint nothing nice..some are through dealing!

No joking!! so how you feeling as these hoods go through gentrification?

…..Similar to us fixing damaged goods;  during this relocation /renovation!!




Options get weighed like I was getting ready for a boxing match! 

Word from Mayweather or Ortiz!!!!  please!! O-Dizzle is coming out fresh with a brand new batch! 

May weather signalled the start of summer madness; it’s over with!! now we fall through…but we continue to catch hell like Natalie Cole!

Haters say whatever..probably misinterpreting signals like virus infected drones…now O-Zone is  back with this forensic rhetoric…as we proceed; holla at us if your ready to roll!

How Did We Play?

How Did We Play?.


excerpts….As we proceed and continue; the drama doesn’t quit or stop!!

As we proceed and continue….O-Dizzle the funky drummer doesn’t quit or stop…

…..That’s his response…once again it’s on…bear witness to the steady bombardment of the enemy position…

Similar to Mumbai..but it’s all love…that’s how we play..once again it’s on!!..dropping this good word and the brand new funk is our mission...

How did we play? doing the mathematics like addition and subtraction…no need to change the answers like Atlanta we expose what an ill faction is up to..

How did we play? no confusion like the debt ceiling talks…during the ongoing Smoke and Mirrors show a hater stalks..fanatics are having a field day with new and improved methods to corrupt you…