Dipping Through : Seeing Whats Up / What It Do (Part Seven)

 Catch us out here coming through  / dipping through setting off this HumpDay Extravaganza!  

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! 

Getting over the hump is the business somebody will understand a brotha, from way way out there!  I have returned!  coming through  / dipping through with the brand new funk plus I’ve got more of this rhetoric.  

Oh yeah, its more of this good word from a breakbeat scientific perspective, or per yesterday being Valentines Day is it just a love song from a borderline romantic?  

Or maybe a frantic fanatic dropping mathematics or maybe just a chef in souls kitchen cooking a meal?  

Coming through  / dipping through with aromas like that soul food joint in the hood; taste the poetry or maybe read it so you’ll know the deal!  

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They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Three)

Some need to study the transcripts like reporters looking over information from the January 6th Select Committee!

They Need To Recognize The Pattern, but like Tory Lanez being dragged out in those social media streets don’t expect any pity from the street committee. 

I wasn’t surprised that so called player couldn’t find any favor with his former girlfriend; she was chilling out at home in this single degree weather; she liked her coffee sweet, a touch of cream. 

She sipped it, thought about this and that then threw frozen roses  that were left on the porch in the fire! for him and her time has expired, so what’s next?

Last minute heroics / indulgence from dude, did he need to recognize the pattern!! especially that the sport is complex!! he might not win with yesterday’s dreams/

The world was cold / made of ice he found out; oh yeah!! he found out “it ain’t nothing nice” like this ongoing polar vortex? 

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Sword Of Truth Illuminations (Part Four)

Swinging the sword of truth, on this Monday morning! we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!! chilling out watching NYC Point Gods while others paid homage and respect to Queen Elizabeth! the illuminations are frightening and enlightening!  many are bearing witness!

Wringing the necks of the uncouth that were “buking and scorning”; like Russians rushing into Ukraine their manipulations caved in when confronted by the realness!

Even though we’re just trying to maintain we know what the deal is, jokers even told me I’m a suspect! in places like the so called Hall Of Justice up in Louisville they told me “authorities will whisper your name.”

That’s what I was told when the system tried to swing its sword of truth, supposedly called justice but is it just us? my kind catching the blame!

I was told I was a lost soul, told to slow my roll; needing to release my final words?

I keep healing through the sound plus bleeding aloud through this good word / these poems, spilling these words!

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Staying Strong (Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength) Part Nine

Earlier? mentioned the perspective per life being hectic, damn! per these Throwback Thursday reflections has it always been this way?

Work with me, don’t get me wrong; it’s a blessing to be here on what I also refer to as a Thankful Thursday!

The science dropped is appropriate for any day though; it’s rough out here but we’re talking about staying strong!

Supreme courage and maximum strength will be needed, the apparatus had us waiting in the dark but we’re not staying long!

Doing the knowledge / doing the math, we’re not staying wrong! we’re trying to Do The Right Thing per Spike Lee. 

Check the Black History not just in February / Throwback Thursday reference in a spot where there’s no benevolence, somebody might feel me!

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