The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling / Ignoring The Distractions!! (Part Six)

The train of thought is still rolling, sliding through the portal; I-20 in Atlanta is the conduit.  

The Chronicles will expose these and those methods to the madness as we act like we knew it…

…like the Book of Chronicles, even though God controls that / these / those and we should just go with the flow. 

Distractions are offered up by the devil and his advocates, by now we should know how it go!

The train of thought is rolling! we continue to flow down the stream of consciousness, tranquil travels are taken along the astral plane.

Per Throwback Thursday? Astral Traveling like Pharoah Sanders some might understand us, others say we’re intoxicated, trying to hide the pain.

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The I-20 Chronicles Mission Statement

 Check us out as we change the game up, even change our name up! we’re going from the Sonic Assault to the I-20 Chronicles. 

Still kicking game up in this piece, the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; check out these updated Book of Chronicles but we’re still digital crate digging launching Sonic Assaults against those responsible for these and those!

This is the mission statement, the saga / continues there’s no abatement plus it’s easy for the train of thought to have a derailment!

The mission? not late with it, right on time per the Brothers Johnson! we’re dropping this breakbeat science! this mission? we’re not failing it!

But what’s up with it? sometimes it seems the mothership trudged through the galaxy.

The hooptie/ mothership had lights blinking on the instrument panel plus it was marked by battle scars; society raised bars, they judged us as criminals with our vehicle out on I-20 in Atlanta involved in a getaway..

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