BB King Talked About It

I noticed that the thrill was gone;  BB King talked about it!

Notice was given to Real Deal Holyfield ATL players!!  time was up!!  I see how they stalked!!  they mentioned something about going all out!

Noticed that the euphoria had worn off!!  astrologers blamed it on the Uranus Pluto Square!

….They even mentioned the Sun / Mercury / Saturn conjunction!!  whats up son?  out of my circle?  I kept a square!

We had work to do per Isley Brothers!! dropping the funk and this good word!

Others will try to work you like Tony over in the hood / on the block;  said he had the good herb!

But it was oregano or so called crazy clown….up or down?  fake or genuine?

Negro please is what I told an ATLien!!  this Louisville dude  is out here going for mine!

Its going down!!  but I see the euphoria has worn off!!  the morale was low!

The Thrill Was Gone like BB King talked about !! so my profile is low!

Whats the deal?  whats going down?  territorial were the disputes like malls in Kenya or Nigeria vs Boko Haram;  so whatcha know?

Whats the deal?  whats going down? its rough out here...thought and fashion police will mess up the flow…

Zombies stalked about like Walking Dead...apparently the Thrill Was Gone!

Like BB King talked about!! but these Kings walked about the earth;  made in God’s image!!  with devils we scrimmage!!  once again its on!

Its Their Story And They’re Sticking To It

I wasn’t misled / waiting in the dark….like the Blackbyrds I was Doing It Fluid!

I wasn’t misled…even though things got dark…word from a brotha that was going through it!!

Acting brand new with it?  taking the wrapper off like a pack of Salem’s in the green pack?

Acting like I know!!  per Fat Larry’s Band..what can I say to them?  I’ve done, heard or seen that!

Acting like I know!!  on the scene!!  back in the day up in Louisville / Newburg..but jokers don’t know nothing about that!

Criminal minded per Boogie Down Productions ? it comes with the territory… Master P mentioned being about that!

I minded and tended;  but I doubt that will keep me out of trouble!!  it comes with the territory!

Victimized by preachers, teachers , politicians, and  corporations when they come to tell the story?

They kicked those lies when they were trying to reach us!!  like the GOP talking about Benghazi…telling us its their story and they’re sticking to it!

Fixed those flats..due to the slick tires..due to swerving changing lanes on I-20 in Atlanta…the original plan? sticking to it…

West Coasting..dipping down I-80 / 580 / 880 in Oakland…some couldn’t get open…sick of hearing those cries from doves that Prince talked about!

Steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor;  away from the zombies that stalked about!

They were Walking Dead types…what was talked about?  stories are told …decisions are made;  now some act disgruntled!

Morale was low!!  check the swag / steelo;  customers were dissatisfied even though packages were bundled!

The foul stumbled when the caper was pulled..I heard their story and they’re sticking to it!

The bass rumbled and the good word is dropped on this 9 / 11 anniversary; …who’ll work with me?  that’s our original plan and were sticking to it!