They Were Playing Me The Other Way PT.2

So what’s up? I’m still fighting this spiritual warfare like a real warrior..but damn!!  I can see they’re still trying to play me the other way.

I know what’s up!! like the Ultimate Warrior I’ve been here!!  I didn’t arrive just the other day.

I do play things another way Vladimir Putin..but the truth? I’m not disputing.. I carry the sword…I guess that gets me in trouble.

…Plus the arch nemesis likes to roll up on the premises!! like Russia in the Ukraine… making the stress double.

I know what the deal is!! so I’m just trying to maintain…actually?  per Isaiah 61:7 we’re getting blessed double  for the trouble!!  ….but I’m just saying.

I know what the deal is!! playing point guard like Isiah Thomas back in the day..going through the process is rough!!  so I’m just praying.

Dealing with the deliberate falsehood per Aunt Jemima and Uncle Thomas types from back in the day….. jokers act false in the hood!! jokers were  playing me the other way…

What’s the deal with it?  it’s all good per searchers for Flight 370 from Malaysia picking up pings from the black box..after playing it another way…

What’s the deal with it?  we continue to fight…the funk plays for ya plus this good word is also straight from the attack zone…

What’s the deal with it? we continue to fight…staying on point like South Korea tracking North Korea drones..

Bass, treble and tone is adjusted…plus the apparatus wasn’t trusted ..I’m staying on point..I kept track of a clone..they’ll make your heartbleed…

Once again it’s on…that’s what’s up with this!! I see I’m not the one anointed..they were playing me the other way..but will this good word will be dropped and will the funk play? true indeed..