Extraordinary PT. 2 (The Art Is Revolutionary)

As we proceed and continue!!  agreements concerning my freedom are not arbitrary.

True indeed!!  breakbeat scientific principles are maintained!!  this art is revolutionary.

These measures taken are extraordinary!! but over in the hood they said we were acting extra.

These pleasures and pains were real!!  were not faking!!  we weren’t  singing to the honey per  the Temptations Can’t Get Next To You.

Feeling the Joy and Pain per Frankie Beverly and Maze; we’re out here in a maze!  it’s a complex sport we play due to the Temptations Ball of Confusion.

…and the band played on as the Titanic sinks;  some think it’s so amazing per Luther!!  but to me?  it’s not amusing.

Fanatics were tripping!!  I stay one step ahead of them when cruising down I-20 in Atlanta.

The moves I make are extraordinary!!  some say it’s extra but they don’t understand a brotha

O-Dizzle shows and proves; but like Eric Holder resigning opposition will be met!! where did the mothership land a brotha?

What’s the dizzle? O-Zone is co-signing the mission statement with this good word!! was it like Tim Duncan co-signing for Danny Ferry after he fronted on a brotha?

What’s the dizzle? clones  were dressed alike plus they followed the rules and regulations; meanwhile drones blow up ISIS equipment in Syria that the US funned to them through Benghazi!!

Meanwhile I moved on to the next in a sport that’s complex; I’m doing extraordinary things but jokers said I’m acting extra!!



Temptations – Cloud Nine – REMIX

Digital Crate Digging Continues….rolling down I-20 in Atlanta this morning  listening to Youngblood on KISS 104  …he put this classic on by The Temptations..Cloud Nine…so nice I had to hear it twice…but I wanted a remix version…found one per Ricky D..on You Tube…check it out…

Lets Get It Started

What’s the deal? I see its Romney and Ryan…per old girl up in Louisville..somebody is lying!! now Obama is borrowing a line from MC Hammer; Lets Get It Started! 

….Or maybe the Black Eyed Peas version…whatever is working…while listening to some old Temptations…what becomes of the broken hearted? 

….now that love has departed…..some said it didn’t live here anymore like Rose Royce! 

Some even had the nerve to play the Negro National Anthem..they say freedom will ring; so they lift every voice! 

I see them…..wouldn’t want to be them; so of course this will be a bit messy! 

I heard somebody say I know dats right!! that was word from old girl over in Decatur Georgia; who will start with a bruh…trying to test me? Check out the rest of this article at…….