It’s Going Down…Since I Was In The Neighborhood

As we proceed and continue…since I’m in the neighborhood I might as well represent…

True indeed..its going down…but I’m hip to the Deliberate Falsehood…a hater will try to circumvent..

Who can work with it?  it’s like the Syrian peace talks in Geneva..sometimes no progress is made..

Who can work with it? a naysayer balks..or even stalks throwing salt into the game..trying to make us wreck out like were on the Pennsylvania turnpike during the snowstorm…but we were blessed after we prayed…

It’s going down..blessed after we strayed off the path..the Lord forgave the lesson was learned…

Now class is in session…we’re getting off with this math!!!  teaching others a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack…MP3’s were made after CD’s were burned…

Now class is in session..but this is no Vampire Academy…plus .no bridges were burned even though lanes were closed per Chris Christie and his crew…

The apparatus is always stressing….damn!! the shot clock will expire…but due to karma some will get whats coming to they act like they knew…

Now were in the neighborhood..agents of the empire “holla at me” ..chilling effects are felt unrelated to the polar vortex..

Situations are stereotypical…”they’re up to no good” was heard..based on our appearance..during chilling effects from Alberta Clippers I rocked LA Clippers hoodies and skullies..but these Richie Incognito bullies make the sport complex…

It’s going down..this mission? we didn’t we come with the next…might as well put it down since were in the neighborhood…

It’s going down..based on the impressions made during the ongoing’s gotta be good!!


We Kept It Moving / That’s The Main Strategy

As we proceed and continue!! what’s the deal?  keeping it moving is the main strategy!

True  indeed!! what’s on the menu?  life is a marathon!!  you have to keep moving!! it’s rough out here like drama still going down in Iraq.. but I couldn’t let these  episodes baffle me!

I couldn’t let the apparatus gaffle me!! it’s  slick like Karzai  trying to cut a side deal with the Taliban..whats’ up man? I learned early on that a moving target is hard to hit!

Oh yeah!!  they had me for a moment!! like ads bamboozled and hoodwinked men into getting Low T medication…check out  the situation..they were  wanting me to quit or forfeit!

Oh yeah!!  I know the sport can get complex!!  word from a veteran in the game!! now like Pete Carroll I’m coaching!

I know that it’s a cold world per the polar vortex and Alberta Clipper!!  somebody said Armageddon is approaching!

I kept it moving..running like an LA Clipper against the Miami Heat..natural gas and heat per the Keystone XL  or Enbridge Alberta Clipper?  encroaching across the line of scrimmage like Malcolm Smith jacking up Peyton Manning?

Somebody said I was slipping into darkness like War… they’re praying I’ll have more understanding!

Spiritual warfare is going down!! I’m  laying in the cut!!  the mothership was landing me back down to earth!

As I get with ya!!  I proceed and continue…I kept it moving…that’s the main strategy.. I’m finding out what it’s all worth!

I proceed and continue…I kept it moving….one step ahead of toothpaste bombers in Russia..

I proceed and continue…I kept it moving…but “it ain’t nothing nice” ….I felt the pressure

Were We Being Built Or Torn Down?

Somebody might know what I’m talking about per Richard Pryor!

Wondering Which Way Is Up!! check the NYC stop and frisk from cops that are corrupt! we hope you didn’t have priors!

I’m wandering through Babylon!! slick tires on the hooptie, it’s leaking oil and  I’m down to a quarter of a tank of gas!

But I’m wondering;  am I being built or torn down?  because God will continue to bless!

…Plus the  odd will continue to stress  like the Russian terrorist crackdown per the Winter Olympics; please!! they’re even looking for the Black Widow!! you should know these devils advocates stay busy!

Circumstances are debatable..check the dynamics;  are we being  built or torn down?  some try to maintain their  lofty position…but I’m trying to be easy!

….Per Sunday Morning per the I dip through these portals or doors!!  some wonder what I’m on!

Some are in mourning after finding about how the sport goes!! its complex! but like The Doors?  were Riders Of The Storm!

Like Alonzo Mourning I exercise power like a forward  or  center all up in the game!

Whatcha know?  its hard to move forward!!  being built or torn down?  …when were caught up in the game?

It’s all game!  I mentioned that the sport is complex!! check the circumstance!

Being built or torn down? they said it  got hot due to global warming!!  but check  out the polar vortex or debatable circumstance!


Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition

Once again its on!! its like me and dude were discussing “something just ain’t right”

… That’s word from Keith Sweat!! please!! we were dealing with the polar vortex now it’s the Alberta Clipper!! but you might see me break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown   as haters put their games down!! “they ain’t right” 

….blaming it on the full moon madness?  somebody said we can’t fight the feeling!

 Blaming it on a fool who had this?  like Chris Christie? or in Georgia some were like Nathan Shady Dealing! 

No health care?  no healing!!  please!! in Georgia? the poor will get thrown under the bus! 

Stealth when we go there!!  its the real thing / authentic when we kick it!! strategies for dealing with the full moon madness!

Check out the rest of this article at..THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition.