Question Marks Over Their Heads

Damn!!  I hate to be like this!!  but this is what it’s come down to.

I keep question marks over their heads!!  like Boko Haram the moves I make are mysterious!!  but I will bring the drum through.

What’s up with it? I’m on a Magical Mystery Tour like the Beatles….but hip to what the street does..that’s what’s up man!!

Things were tragic!!  check history for danger zone type business!! but  some still won’t understand.

They’ll blow your cover like the CIA official in Afghanistan…that’s what’s up man!! so I let them go on about their business…I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

This puts question marks over their head like in the Sunday Comics!!  they wonder how I’m going  to play.

Please!!  the funky music will play plus this good word is dropped!!  these brothas cosmic slopped.

Intergalactic with it like the Camelopardalid meteor shower ..some don’t know how to deal with it!!   we found chairs when the music stopped.

Plus the muse never stopped!!  there’s always something there to remind me like that pop song.

Plus I’m amused at the question marks over jokers heads as I spot the wise and otherwise ..Pops wasn’t wrong!

Stop thinking I wasn’t strong like Maywearther concerning TI….they might need to put the question mark back  over their  head..

Stop blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!! meanwhile I enjoy the May weather sitting outback on my deck..others were waiting in the dark..misled…