The Saga / Struggle Continues; The Block Is Still Hot

The saga / struggle continues; like I mentioned before at The Sonic Assault  the block is hot.

A brotha is laying in the cut working on breakbeat scientific menus;  authorities were like  JFK Ebola screenings ;  they’re casing the spot.

Press conferences we’re held;  they’re saying they’re hip to the plot or scheme.

Please!! like Florida State University letters concerning Jameis Winston  it’s not about all that!!  but it is about freedom!! some said they were free!!  I see them but wouldn’t want to be them.

I see them on their escape routes !!   they were absent like  Kim Jong-un after the block got hot

Paper chases have some going all out!! what are they on?  I spotted them dipping in the Caddie Escalade playing  a role in the ATL reality show / charade;  even though they told me they’re not.

Meanwhile I’m  in the lab / all up in the spot bearing witness to the miracles that  are performed; O-Dog was using pawn shop appliances!!

Outside?  the weather stormed; O-Zone was like a weather forecaster looking at the weather map as he studied the arts and sciences!!

Check out the ambiance; as we deal with the debatable circumstance!!  **BreakBeat Science** is the by-product!!!

Being built or torn down when we get down? I’ll have to admit;  this brotha broke the rules of  conduct!!!

Please!!! I know!!!  like Todd Gurley we were told to conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion!!!

Please!! but hard times per Obamanomics;   it seems  **Reaganomics* are back in fashion!!




It’s going down!! check out these old school /  boom box symphonies and prophecies.

Please!!  a young and old fool knocks the hustle!! but soon I hit them up with these clearance rack epiphanies.

O-Dog rocks!!  but interference  is dealt with!! check out the extraordinary measures that are taken.

Acting brand new or acting extra? is it  another  hot mess for ya?  check the rebuttal to those that are faking.

Acting brand new or extra when I’m breaking these words and beats?

Acting brand new / extra?  pumping brakes!! out here braking for creatures that roam out into these streets?

They’ll be roadkill!! check the  funk mode;  per the Sonic Assault!! damn!!  I feel some kind of way about all this.

That’s why it’s all about freedom;  extraordinary measures are taken!!  I’m going all out for this!

I see them and wouldn’t want to be them!!  they had there doubts about it like fronting on the Obama coffee cup salute!!

I see them but wouldn’t want to be them!! derelict in their duties like Secret Service at the White House; they weren’t looking out for a brotha!!  meanwhile Cam Newton types were trying to look cute!!

Jokers were acting extra; extra spicy like ATL American Deli wings!!  even acting brand new during the dispute with ISIS per airstikes in Syria

The moves we make? extraordinary!! even though the American dream failed me by turning into a nightmare!!  but I wake up!! the time for the fake is up!! they authored the mass hysteria!!

Get It Together PT.3 (Get Down!!)

What it do?  we need to get it together!!  we need to get down y’all !!

What it do?  we had to do the knowledge;  we had to do the math after the downfall.

The drama goes down like James Bond / Skyfall; who’s really down y’all? after the drama went down forces scattered.

Irrational fears led to mind blowing decisions per Heatwave; Skynet was on to y’all!! now  egos were bruised and battered.

Negroes get used; hopes and dreams are shattered!! an irrational one like Tony Stewart steers the vehicle in the wrong direction.

Local, national, international, and intergalactic drama jumps off!! some took instructions from Usual Suspects /   Keyser Söze  types in their search for perfection.

It’s going down in my section as the usual suspects per jokers like  Danny Ferry and Bruce Levinson of the Atlanta Hawks talk the other way.

What it do?  I have some African in me like Luol Deng!!  so they’ll play me the other way.

I play it another way!!  please !! the brotha O-Dizzle is trying to get down

A brotha is trying to get it together;  rebuking the negativity that’s going down.

A brotha is trying to get it together!! I won’t let a coin flip determine my fate like Texas vs UCLA!!

Another said whatever!! but soon the mothership will land and it’ll be too late!! aliens told us how the funk should play…

Is This Some Kind Of Weird Science? PT.2

This not some kind of weird science!! please!!  breakbeat scientific principles are followed.

It’s the essence of this discipline per Eric B and Rakim;  O-Deezy went easy on the cut!!  no mistakes are allowed.

ATLiens styled and profiled per their reality shows;  hustlers were hustling and players playing.

So whatcha saying?  if the science is weird you’ll feel the backlash!! so start praying.

So whatcha saying?  give back the cash they paid you to look the other way!!  your  like a brotha or sista working for Fox News!

So whatcha saying?  tires get slashed and windows were knocked out of cars; supposedly concerning love but some will feel the blues.

Egos get bruised!!  like scientists accused of conducting flawed research per autism and vaccines!  or  other alleged weird studies.

Negroes get bruised or battered like Ferguson Missouri; how’s that working son? it’s  corrupting what one does with these.

…Or those;  knowing the devil will oppose!!  so per the old school Baptist preacher we govern ourselves accordingly.

This science is far from weird!! due to Louisville / Newburg default settings plus spiritual baptisms these  jokers were mad because we didn’t recognize where the border will be.

The Lord will order my steps but  I need to keep it moving and stop being stubborn.

Breakbeat science is dropped;  it’s not weird!!  it’s based on the lessons I learn.

Sonic Assault Attack Zone Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues; A lot of drama is jumping off in this world. Planes shot down in the Ukraine;  the Gaza Strip getting raided!!    Chicago is the murder capital of America?

All this madnes has the Brotha O-Dog aka O-Dizzle bringing the Sonic Assault. We’re chilling in the Attack Zone…aka the lab..sharpening are weapons…snares, kick drums and 808s…plus obscure samples. Check out some other Sonic Assault tracks at…14_30_54-07_00 and at…14_47_40-07_00 …check me out y’ I put it down like this…

Foggy Weather

The weather was foggy when I wrote this.. it reminded me of the bigger picture.

Whatever is how this Captain’s Log will be!! like the Royal Thai Army taking over in Thailand..the smoke was enhanced by a mirror.

Whatever said the ATLien!!  he was macking!!  gorilla pimping with the horror and terror..he said its rough out here per Hustle and Flow.

He’s preaching to the choir as I watch the shot clock expire per Landon the game over like McNabb, Donovan? this hustler already knows.

Oh yeah!!  this brotha is chilling out in the lab…he knows what the deal is;  you’ll get jacked by a giant anaconda in the Amazon.

The weather was foggy but  it was way too real !! now some wonder what I’m on.

They see me making moves..disputes arise like Putin vs Prince Charles…it’s hard to see in the smoke and mirrors.

Fake ones like Donald Sterling show and prove how they really are;  they’re collaborators in the ongoing reign of terror.

O-Dizzle cuts up the breaks on the ones and twos while this good word is dropped.

What’s the  dizzle?   these weather forecasters didn’t mention the rain and fog in their reports..was it a coverup  like Benghazi per the Republicans? the madness hasn’t stopped.

What’s the dizzle? we hip hopped, dropped funk and jazz, typed up this good word and threw it out into the universe..

What’s the dizzle? we arrived at our destination even though the weather was  foggy..who knows? we might reverse the curse..


It Wasn’t Natural PT.1


Sunday Jazz Continues…chilling out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon…trying to get my mind right!!…a lot of things going down that aren’t part of the natural process..contributing to the confusion, chaos and the stress….per this O-Dog mix? It Wasn’t Natural PT. 1..Check It Out!!

It Wasn’t Natural PT.1.

We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It / Business As Usual

Once again it’s on!!  this is business as usual….we’re back at it!!  were back on course.

It’s time to get down like it’s the Masters minus Tiger Woods due to a bad back… but what’s up son?  like Bubba Watson were back on the course.

It’s tight in these hoods…but we’re in the lab aka attack zones cutting up and breaking beats.. the masters of course;  O-Dizzle is getting busy.

It’s tight in these hoods..a drab day in Atlanta …check the mist and drizzle along with the cool weather…rocking a scully…myself?  I bully..O-Zone is getting busy…

It’s tight in these hoods…jokers take a stab at it like the dude at the Pennsylvania school..a fool was flipping out due to the actions of a bully…it ain’t easy…

In rehab / fabrication?  beats get manufactured like souls forged that we’re ain’t nothing nice;  it’s not easy.

In rehab / fabrication like corporate Easter Sunday type business? it’s not easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores with Lionel Richie.

Exercising power like a forward Alonzo Mourning in the Hall of Fame..but I’m way way out there.. it’ll be hard to reach me.

Earthlings beseech me;  all up in the spot?  they’re in mourning…shorty is gone.. fanatics were in control of this realm.

Check out how we work things;  breakbeat scientific with it but acknowledging God is at the helm.

As we break it down like this!!  we’re spelling it out for them and those.

As we get breakbeat scientific with  it…but like the old school baptist preacher said…we know the devil will oppose.


We Pause For The Cause…Because Were Down For The Cause

So whats up with it?  I checked the said 11:11 am …so I had to pause for the cause!

Some are corrupt with it;  nowhere near benevolent!!  they weren’t down for the cause!

The devil was in it the details;  like it was discussed with shorty over in Decatur..talking about how him and his advocates stay busy!! but a brotha prevails!

Next level dramatics are rebuked…we had the power like Snap!!   the mothership had power that nuked  us through the galaxy…so  we sail!

Next level fanatics will try to hijack the plane like Flight 370 from Malaysia…they’ll fail…no weapons formed would work against us per Ray Lewis..

Check the mathematics..were making adjustments..but heard careless whispers and spotted sideways glances…like were acting brand new with this…

Intergalactic with this…I’m in transition like old school Georgetown or UNLV Running Rebels!

That’s what’s up with this!!  it’s going down!! for the cause? we’re down!!  as we stay ten steps ahead of these devils.

I had to pause for the once again it’s on!!  I’m trying to make it work but meeting opposition.

Technical difficulties surround me…plus the arch nemesis will hound me!!  but I’m on a mission.

High and low technical!! with these..the sound will be analog and digital…cosmic slopping due to cosmic inflation…

Down for the cause from the get go..O-Dog  will rock this!! after pausing for the jazzing, funking it up and hip hopping..check the sonic instigation..