Intelligent Design

It’s going down!!  the Matrix Architect was busy!!  plenty of bar codes and scanners!!  the program even had a drop down menu.

Get in where you fit in!!  *girls get down on the floor*  per David Banner;  they’ll drop down at these venues.

Plenty of ads on TV / plus banners on buses and taxis / plus menus were posted at the restaurant entrance by the Chef from Hells Kitchen.

Baseball season is around the corner;  slick ones scuffed up the balls when they were pitching.

…Or take air out of the balls like New England  or breeding new jihadists like England;  soon down with ISIS and Boko Haram.

….Or take the air out of embellishments so they don’t hold weight per Republican letters to Iran; the game is not a fair one.

I was blue collar per the uniform with my first name stitched on the front so I carried my own weight; a brotha is using next level intelligence to design this structure.

O-Dog had the Big Bang theory;  check the beats,  repelling haters that corrupt ya!

So what’s up with ya? what’s the theory? man mentions intelligent design while God Laughs!!

So what’s up with ya? what’s the theory? that’s what they ask me!! they see me and mine walking on odd paths!!

Odd when I take these last laughs? God blessed us as intelligent designs beared fruit…

Odd / Outside The Box with this last math? belligerent with mine? please!! breakbeat science is dropped!! the village? I didn’t rape, pillage or loot!!


What’s The Prognosis? (What’s Really Going On?)

I wasn’t fresh and clean per OutKast;  not spotted at the Grammys on the red carpet rocking poses.

Coming out fresh with brand new batches of breakbeat scientific by-products!!  but jokers are knocking hustles like it was Jannes and Jambres opposed to Moses!!

Dipping through Babylon like Edwin Moses or maybe Usain Bolt.

Slipping through the portal knowing how the sport will go like Ohio State losing close basketball games !!  O-Zone is dedicated to the truth!! I’m not trying to get struck by a lightning bolt!

Reality gave me a jolt;  like ISIS in Iraq flagrant agents and devils advocates were uncouth!! now I’m trying to get the prognosis.

Reality gave me a jolt per Seattle Seahawk bad play calls on the goal line during Super Bowl games;  now fined for brawling per the lethal doses.

As I approach this I’m asking;  who you wit like Bernie Mac?

Rocking a Duck Dynasty beard or a Jihadist beard trying to overthrow the dynasty;  so what’s up with that?

Checking out the styles but I’m more mysterious than X-Files;  oh it still comes on TV!

Checking out the styles;  what’s the prognosis?  what’s the deally?

Checking out the files trying to see what the deal is with the Brotha O-Zone?

Oh! I’m just dropping this good word; O-Dog will adjust the bass, treble and tone!!


Jumping and Recognizing (The Scripture and The Mixture)

Some may Do The Knowledge;  Then they’re  recognizing; they’ll  Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!!

…Either do that or You’ll Get Played!!  now downsizing!! you’ll end up losing what you have!!

Like the CIA torture report being released the fabric will unravel;  Hanging On A String like Loose Ends?

Receiving the Knockout Message per the Sonic Blackjack?  or Reality and the message that truth sends?

O-Dog will provide proof with his blends and mixes;  esoteric / eclectic Knowledge? O-Zone kicks it..

What It Do? What It Does? at the end of the day? some realize that this world is Wicked…

…As some come slick with it;  this ot that? they’ll try to tweak this!!!

Not Mad Atcha!!! we’re all just products  of the conditions in this world; that’s why I’m in conflict with it!! I know how bleak it is!!!

Visualized The Sequence!! Some Already Knew!!! They Did The Knowlegde….

Now were Ready To Roll;  The Mothership will get good mileage!!

Knowing how foul it is!! some may Jump To The Same Conclusion!!!

But these brothas fight back with  the sound; that’s what we’re using..using!!!

Total Chaos; Due To The Elaborate Fantasy?

It all falls apart like rescue attempts in Yemen by Navy SEALS; my folk are victimized by shady deals!! dealing with the Elaborate Fantasy…

Check out this blog;  What’s Really Going On?  so you can understand me..

Where did the mothership land me? check out my other blog so you can understand me after my intergalactic travels;  it’s Random Thoughts From A Brotha…

A brotha gets scientific while the plot or scheme implemented by a fanatic unravels!! meanwhile O-Dog’s Podcast is bumpin!!  the funk is dropped by this brotha…

Hot Message from a brotha considered a hot messenger?  I’m letting my folk know about the Elaborate Fantasy...

Was it meant for us to take a loss? Total Chaos? per Trayvon Martin; maybe Michael Brown or Eric Garner;  who’s the next fatality??

The American dream an elaborate fantasy? please!!   it’s easy to become a fatality in spiritual warfare;  or we can easily be Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation!!

Some continue to dream waiting in the dark!! but the Total Exclusion Of Reality will lead to Total Chaos!! the confusion!!

Next level plans aren’t plots and schemes by a nefarious one!! O-Dog uses the fusion of funk, hip-hop and jazz to fight back!!

The next devil stays plotting and scheming like North Korea vs Sony!! or the system vs Bill Cosby; what will the cost be? who’s outraged by the destruction / justice obstruction?  we had to fight back!!!

We came right back with anotha funky track;  check The Sonic Assault as we put it down…

*Harvest For The World* planted in fertile soil; This Is How We Get Down!!!

My folk were in a state of despair and turmoil;  Caught Up In Total Chaos!!

But we proceed and continue;  we’re Movin Forward;  refusing to take a loss!!!

Oh! We Were Just Letting Them Know: This Is How We Get Down

As we proceed and continue; I saw the question marks over their heads like this was the Sunday Comics in the Sunday Edition of your newspaper; but This Is How We Get Down!!! Get Down!!

Scientific like Orion Spacecraft!!  but Breakbeat science is on the menu; Similar to the O-Dog Podcast  / This Is How It’s Going Down!!!

Spaced out when we bring this math? well, somewhat!! O-Dog is throwing down as we unleash the Sonic Assault!!

Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position is the motto!! per Ferguson workings and NYC chokeholds this is the response to the hell that’s caught!!

O-Zone? check out how I work things!! unbought and unbossed like Hosea Williams from the Civil Rights Movement!!

Whatcha on? that’s what they ask me!!  there’s spiritual significance in this operation!! we use the sound to start a movement!!

Whatcha on? Groove to it!! or you can multi-task!! maybe you can use it to reflect!!

Do The Knowledge!!  at the end of the day?  it’s like dude on I-285 in Atlanta with the in God We Trust bumper sticker on the back of the Subaru Outback that tried to run me off the road and then flipped the bird!! it’s a contradiction!! this system will disrespect…

But what can you expect? respect per the constitution and in God We Trust on the dollar ? man please!!   but we still proceed and continue!!

We’re hitting you up with the sound!!  what’s the deal? the funk is on the menu!!

As we come through!!  trying to survive the Smoke and Mirrors Show!!

Waiting on the smoke to clear!  soon these brothas will go for what we know!!

They’ll Put You In A Trick Bag PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It’s going down!! I can’t let jokers just roll up on me like Russian Bomber Patrols in the Gulf of Mexico !!  maybe I’ll show them where my heart will be!! as I *Say A Few Words*  dropping math per four, five, sixing it? please believe me!!

Victimized?  you’ll get played!! you’ll get put in a trick bag!! you’ll fall into a trap!!!  haters were fixing it!! like the GOP agenda for 2015 folks try to deceive you and me.

Politicians kicked those lies!! I can’t believe they had me stranded out in the Babylon wilderness!!

Did like Ms. Peters told me in the 4Th grade;  I put my thinking cap on!! these days it’s either a brim l like I was Big Bank Hank (R.I.P) or I rock the Louisville Cardinal hat!! maybe you can feel this!!

Knew what the street does!! knowing what the deal is!! you’ll be put in a trick bag!! I put on an oxygen mask until US and China get the emissions straight plus I rock a hard hat with the lantern on it just like miners wear in caves…

Wandering through the Babylon Wilderness  / the darkness / the grey area scenario; where it’s hip if one misbehaves….

…Where money enslaves the best of us!!  weary!! there’s no rest for us!! We just got to have it!!!!

It’s like that!!! shelter, eating, drinking!!  survival? now that’s  not a bad habit!!

We’ll be put in a trick bag for it!! Meanwhile O-Zone and O-Dog come back with it!!!

Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk fusion!!  winning? losing? you just got to feel it!!!

Playing the sounds for you!! that’s what we deal with!!  those that are feeling us are checking us out!!!

Praying for you!!  send one up for me!! we could all be put in a trick bag!!  with those that are waiting in the darkness?  I could be wrecking out!!!


I Had To Move On

Like apartment dwellers dipping without paying the  rent I moved on.

Don’t start with these *good fellas*  is what I told a buster!!  trust us!!  O-Dizzle will get his groove on.

O-Zone kept proving on and on again that he’s about this breakbeat scientific business.

Haters kept proving on and on again per 2 Thessalonians 2:4 that the devil is in the opposition business.

Debates by politicians didn’t move me;  the Koch Brothers bought off elections nationwide.

Kentuckians under Mitch McConnell’s regime knew what the move would be;  Eddyville and Luther Luckett will be jumping!!  there’s no where to run or hide.

He stood in front of a University of Louisville sign at the press conference;  it made me question affiliations.

University of Louisville losing in the Atlantic Coast Conference?  it’ll make you question affiliations.

What’s the deal?  economic indicators show a turn around but Democrats didn’t emphasize it.

They’d rather throw Obama under the bus;  now the party’s in shambles!!  nobody will sympathize with it.

I already knew the deal about it  so we rise to it;  what?  the occasion.

We proceed and continue;  good things happen when we moved on!!  check the relocation.

Fresh Start; With A Fresh View and Fresh Vision

Damn!! I was too realistic!!  my emotions hardened;  like Boko Haram  married off the kidnapped girls what are some starting? who  has the rebuttal ??

I’m purging ill notions due to the ongoing transition by using a  **Fresh View**Fresh Vision** that’s what you’ll get from this brotha!!!

It’s based on being in the huddle with myself; now we’re running the play!!  it’s not intermission for a brotha!!! please!!!…**Work Is Put In**

This is what it do like SpaceShipTwo we’re on a mission!! we’re trying not to crash and burn!!  this brotha and my folk are still  hurtin!!!!!

No justice no peace per Ferguson? meanwhile I’m purging myself of the pain!!! but  due to reality checks that were cashed it’s **Scheduled With The Pleasure**

What’s up with us?  we’re maintaining a **Fresh Vision**….success?  like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning that’s what I’ll measure!!!!

What’s up with us? success is not determined by treasure!!! Oh No!!! not by the material!!!

The determining factor is **Peace** please!! this operation is somewhat spiritual!!!!

The determining factor? I prayed to God The Supreme Being!!!!  Grand Imperial!!!

Vision was once blurry!!! Now Corrected!!! Where did the fear go??

**Here We Go**Here We Go**…coming  out fresh with a brand new batch!! with a new  perspective!!!

**A Fresh Vision**Everyday**Everyday**… have to respect it; respect it!!!!

Like the Ebola outbreak the sickness is on them!!!  Who has the medicine?? the medicine???

Slickness? it’s  not just on them; business?  government?  doo-doo I step in!!!!!

But we make a fresh start!!  this**Fresh Vision** for **Everyday** is a good strategy!!!!

Please!! if you can feel me on this,  just holla at me!!!!!

Me and O-D-O-G provide the soundtrack for the **Fresh Vision**

Check O-DOG’S PODCAST….you don’t know what your missing!!!!!!!

There’s Always Something / The Relocation

It’s going down like that pop song by Naked Eyes; there’s always something there to remind me.

Some were living just enough for the city per Stevie;  but the bright lights didn’t blind me.

Check out what I’m giving;  these insights provided by me are straight off the clearance rack.

I’m dropping this breakbeat science like Edward Snowden or some damn Wikileaks;  any clearance given for that?

If your living for that?   there’s always something!!  the mothership streaks across the universe as next level business gets handled.

Meanwhile the Emperor was left naked;  he was jacked for his new clothes plus the Jordan 23’s  as karmic business gets handled.

During the pursuit of the babe that was cute soldiers from Fort Knox get jacked over in the Beecher Terrace Projects up in Louisville;  part of their learning process?

During the pursuit of fast bucks?  fates are gambled; some will get played during the process.

Haz-Mat suits are rocked by Ebola first responders unless you had the clipboard; duct tape enchanced the suits like drug dealers getting robbed!!

What’s happening man? ISIS loots Kobane? naw mane!! as I type this bombs get dropped!!

What’s happening man? we didn’t rock like Kurt Cobain but O-Dizzle hip hopped and jazzed it up!!

Plus funk is dropped; it’s our response to the madness!! there’s always something!! check out the relocation! we continue this breakbeat scientific vocation because this world is messed up!!