This Is Not Transylvania

Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta…the Chronicles will tell ya..chilling out down here in the ATL; please!! it’s gotta be good!! but  this is not Transylvania!

Dealing with it!! who will understand a bruh…trying to tell ya!!  out here?  energy vampires stay busy!!  its not all good…but they’re partying like Cinco De Mayo!

Dealing with it;  but I was out of sync bro!!  but I kept shooting like OJ Mayo or Russell Westbrooks!

Staying a step ahead of Dracula’s relatives!!  time is relative?  the system  /  matrix will arrest crooks!

Actually…they’ll harass ya to clear the books like Dekalb County Georgia officers pulling over old ladies on the way to church… the system /matrix is ran by crooks…just like the architect!

Dealing with those that fake it; like McConnell and Republicans...ego and power tripping!!  please!!  these crooks show no respect!

Check it out;  as extension cords are hooked up so power can be drained!

USB cords download information / files stored;  AP reporters phones tapped..knowledge is gained!

Please!!  of course this can get messy!!! whose overloaded with information?   some maintained / some stressed!

Please!!  of course jokers stressed me!!  but like the license plate on the front of the old Caddie Fleetwood Brougham over on Candler Rd. in Decatur…I was too blessed to be stressed!

Please !! of course a snitch or hater confessed to authorities…something about whistle blowing…now methods were Draconian!

They’ll hit a switch;  drain all your energy..word from Dracula!!  its on again!

Its like the train just left the station;  the next stop is Transylvania!

Just trying to maintain.… I transcend and transform;  but a hater has more pain for ya!