Changing The Conversation

I heard what those jokers said!! oh!!  now they want to change the conversation.

I peeped game with a fresh view / fresh vision , but society wants me to change my observation.

Some were asleep in the game,  while I rocked the nation  / actually the universe.

There was no growth and development!!  (Gangster Disciple lingo dropped in this verse?)

Knowledge is dropped like Speech from Arrested Development concerning Straight Outta Compton.

At  Stonecrest Mall  in Atlanta? dude bopped through reminding me of Speech from Arrested Development:  it’s an inside joke,  I have plenty of them.

..Plus I’m funky drumming for them and those;  the devil will oppose,  based on my observation.

Some will get what’s coming to them!! but  when I told them?  they wanted me to change the conversation.

We kept on running son, even though it got lonely out there!! Donald Trump types said we were lethargic like Ben Carson…

It kept on raining like we were in Texas or maybe Mexico per Hurricane Patricia; in these verses some may have heard about the pain; excuse me, I beg your pardon…

It kept on reigning!! what? the terror!! the Lord heard about the pain, I told him I’ll petition ya!! I didn’t change my observation..

Running from the devil per the Ohio Players!! him and his advocates were mad because I changed the conversation..


Exposing The Scheme and Plot

Doing the knowledge, calculating The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space;  we were able to expose schemes and plots…

Who’s Part Of The Conspiracy like the American Legislative Exchange Council? but look where they found this bro!! they didn’t know we had Diplomatic Immunity  so the fabric rots..

Dropping funk; spots get hit up like rain falling in Texas!! the drama? they’re not stopping it!!  now Texas has a open carry law!! the Temptations said earth is a Ball Of Confusion...

The Devil is opposed; we soon find out how complex the sport is!! reality is battering and bruising!!

Winning? losing? some will take drastic measures!! to the occasion they rose!!

Haters were *Scheduling The Pains and Pleasures Of Life*  we fight back with the beat and prose..

This is the path we chose; is it the last one? somebody heard me laughing, but is it the last one? that’s what another expects!!

BreakBeat Science?  this is the math we chose to drop; but like players on NBA teams that fans wish would leave society still disrespects.

Making sound effects but Cashing Reality Checks!! told you about cash flow problems; I didn’t have anybody to merge with like Charter and Time Warner!!

But we’re flowing down the mainstream of stagnant waters; we keep our heads above water and handle our business!! in the heart of this hostile territory we’ll try to warn ya!!

Everything is not what it seems!! flagrant fouls will be administered when you drive to the hoop!!

But we’ll proceed and continue to put work in; the break is over, it’s back to the front lines for this troop!!