Chilling Instead Of Illing / But Soon Ready To Roll

Whats the deal?  like Drew Brees and the Saints…this bruh is chilling instead of illing! 

I was observing the scene….the thought and fashion police were on patrol like Arizona police enforcing immigration laws; plus roadblocks are set up…they heard somebody was making a killing! 

Plus jokers tried to set up martial law like Egypt…whats up with it?  Sonic Assaults are usually unleashed in response; clashing with titans is a regular occurrence!

Reality taught us you can be built or torn down during debatable circumstances! 

Whats the deally? from New York to Florida..and on out to Texas  bath salts and K-2 led to cannibalism;  chemicals didn’t balance!

Faults and imperfections were accented when others show malice!

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