Is There A Doctor In The House?

Is There A Doctor In The House?.

excerpts…..We’re back on that thing again..damn!! what’s the dizzle?  let the healing process begin!! somebody asked if there was a doctor in the house?

Were dealing with a state of emergency; dude in Oslo went on a rampage like Jackson….whose up in the action?..then succumbed  to the heatwave?…how will some behave? Amy Winehouse gone..what were others on?  Doctor O will come forth; who will work with me as I introduce jazz, funk, hip hop, and house?

Now were all up in the house rocking it!! but haters were knocking it..didn’t know they aroused revolutionary feeling!

…Now were putting work in;  putting it down like this!!  locking it down..check the evolutionary process of these breakbeat scientists..were not through dealing!

…Was marinating..chilling but we were pulled back into the its time to get back to work!

Society?  they’re still hating on a brotha...but were dealing with it…putting work in blue collar style!!  until my back hurts!




excerpts….. Still dealing with glitches in the matrix; whose like Al-Shabab...trying to sabotage operations?

Didn’t know they were dealing with O-Dizzle aka Doctor 0; putting stitches in the wise and otherwise during operations!

Whatcha know? obligations not met? snitches end up with stitches was the word from the wise; that’s the word on the curb!

Spiritual significance in this operation!! stepped away from the buffet; my appetite? I had to curb!

Couldn’t ask Gus or Herb what the deal is!! they were too busy…waiting in the dark…now about to blackout..

What’s up with us? observing the scene as the structure falls apart..glitches caused the mainframe to shut down..but we’ll put it down..knowing what the deal is..a veteran in the game now coaching..putting the funk back out..

But no justice or peace is the catch phrase…who knows how real it is? it’s going down from Oslo to Chicago…

Global Jihad said they mean business..they say it’s going down from Kandahar to Kosovo…