Character And Passion (Part Ten)

 That Brotha O? a Scorpio so y’all should know how it go! he had a stubborn character, he had a passion!

Check the flow, opposed by the thought, fashion and morality police! similar to writers on Twitter suspended by Elon Musk? we’ll keep clashing!

But on this Fabulous Friday class is in session from dawn to dusk; but I didn’t trust that cat with the Men’s Wearhouse suit on smelling like Musk cologne with the wayward smile; just a fussbudget.

He reminded me of Donald Trump, just an agitator / a grifter now coming through with NFTs and of course the drama is over the budget.

Its hard to get over the hump like that HumpDay Extravaganza with that brand of character and passion plus the truth? they’re trashing, a debater of irrelevant issues during the exchange!

We’re trying to move forward with beats that bump plus drop this good word but they’ll try to revive past issues supposedly resolved aided by a Federalist Society Supreme Court; damn, it’s just strange!

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Exercising Power (Part Eight)

 Check us out as we come through on this Thankful Thursday, a gratitude attitude is shown because it’s a blessing to be here. 

Throwback Thursday energy will also be exhibited as we take it back to the future per being retro futuristic, taking it there!

We’re out here trying to exercise power in these leagues where they’re not playing fair! there are no pleasant honeysuckle vibes, it’s the opposite.

The atmosphere? it’s cloudy / a bleak grey, rowdy or even shady like Brian Kemp down here in Georgia is how some will play matching the composite..

..of a foul joker or even someone in a foul mood; my constituents are on edge, rude per this supposedly post pandemic climate plus the weather is inclement..

..mentioned by Al Roker but in more ways than one; so called constitutional rights threatened by Federalist Society Supreme Court renderings / begetting plus we have corporate price gouging! so how are you? Samuel L Jackson might even ask you what’s in your wallet?

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Danger Zone Type Of Business (Part Ten)

It’s a Fabulous Friday, I shouldn’t have to tell you  it’s a blessing to be here so gratitude is shown. 

Flashback Friday business is also exhibited, reflecting on past events and episodes reminds me that we’re still in the danger zone. 

Once again it’s on! but when we’re trying to play it like Marvin Gaye and get it on endeavors were nullified! judges? they were rolling like the Supreme Court doing the Federalist Society’s bidding, we couldn’t sway.

Once again it’s on, danger zone type of business as usual! democracy? it seems it’s still broken like yesterday!

Can it be fixed? Maybe Tomorrow like the Jacksons, pondered while visiting 2300 Jackson Street up in Gary Indiana! society is not playing fair with a brotha escape routes studied, hijack a spaceship?

No, too painstaking; even though on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts your dude is not faking! he’s finding another way to make it.

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What Will The Style Be? (Part Eight)

As we approach this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend some wonder; what will the style be?

Some will encroach on democracy like Trump insurrectionists or shady Supreme Court justices dealing with Roe V Wade, climate change and lack of gun laws showing us where the foul will be!

Approaching, after doing the knowledge, jumping and recognizing? after things go sideways silently they come looking for redemption.

Violations? some saw what the style will be as soft cloaked whispers from naysayers led to the apparatus revoking their exemption.

What will the style be? that mouth got them in trouble, no reward for the inappropriate behavior!

What will the style be? like the Marvin Gaye song giving up? it’s the best option, outcomes are ill-fated.

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What Will The Style Be? Part Six

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; now on this Monday afternoon we’re trying to see what the style will be!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, but per doing the knowledge we realized that on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts is where the foul will be! 

What will the style be? some are alone in the void / grey area supposedly with peace being still like the Rev. James Cleveland gospel song / motionless. Caught up in the system / matrix in a zone, out there in a purple haze like Hendrix.

What will the style be? the Edgar Allen Poe raven’s breath was felt after he said nevermore.

What will the style be? foul, once again!! misbehaving like a usual mockingbird, he already knew the score.

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Putting Work In / Paying The Price / But It’s Business As Usual (Part Seven)

Catch us out here putting work in, the day after the Memorial Day Holiday!!  even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re claiming the terrific outcome / paying the price but it’s business as usual; manifesting  soon celebrating as we let the music play!

We’ve got work to do, still dealing with residue from back in the day! up in Louisville at the pool hall? we were beholding the burning beauty…

.aka smoke filled room business!! cigarettes / cigars / weed smoked, adult beverages drunk listening to the brand new funk doing our duty..

..aka due diligence; players were talking a good game, soon degraded distortions are heard..

..aka belligerence; but true players know what the deal is no mystical mantra is heard.

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Changing The Game (Part Seven)

We’re changing the game on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Of course we’re claiming the terrific outcome now check the celebration as we let the music play!

Of course we’re dropping this good word also, based on an atramentous substance between the pages

.. ..that along with the loose leaf or even this iPhone I’m typing on are instruments of a telltale heart that Rages… ..

Against The Machine like the group; like protests against Supreme Court justices per their abortion opinion O-Zone has had enough so he’s changing the game! coming through like Zapp and Roger So Ruff / So Tuff, uncouth?

No but I’m furious! Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is exhibited as attack zones were entered after the negativity was rendered; somebody polluted the fountain of youth!

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Out Here Visualizing The Sequence (Part Six)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us but it’s a bonus  / it’s a blessing to be here!

Now we’re visualizing the sequence of events, we’re on a mission to take it there…

…Lord willing; steps ordered  per the GMWA Women Of Worship! we should be chilling getting on the one with Him; blessed to have another chance / take another dance; wrote this in advance yesterday afternoon / evening while visualizing! the muse of dusk ambling..

..out here in the gray area after bearing witness to the mass hysteria from Ukraine to Atlanta to the Supreme Court contemplating abortion while up in the DC area; O-Zone is taking it there, like a politician soon out here rambling?

Soon out here gambling with my pain, trying to jump start the healing process! always vigilant!

This poem a winner or a grim one? Victory Day like in Russia? coming through like Rich Strike up in Louisville at the Kentucky Derby hopefully some will understand / work with me as I do my due diligence.

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Changing The Game (Part Five)

We’re putting it down on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here; we’re changing the game!

Some will say the it’s like Russia vs. Ukraine, the  circumstances are debatable;  being built or torn down? sometimes they’re the same!

Check the proverb, when one door closes and another one opens!  in the game we’re getting open so we can take the shot. 

Like it’s the NBA playoffs; layups / jump shots / dunks! are weapons of choice? the good word and funk is dropped…

…as we rebuke the  GOP / Supreme Court like ongoing scheme / plot! coming up with a way to change the game even peeping game per this Flashback Friday, sitting / reflecting on past episodes beneath a curious moon.

Hopefully finding lost whispers so I can be encouraged like the gospel song by William Becton! might even sing along / get in tune..

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Tatham, Mensah, Lord and Ranks – Long Climb in the Sun

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Thankful Thursday, so called due to the fact that it’s a blessing to be here!

Throwback Thursday vibes are also exhibited, retro futuristic is how we deal with it as we take it there!

We already know the system is not playing fair, check the Supreme Court decision  concerning the State of Arizona’s voter suppression!

I guess the DOJ will have to keep an eye on them like The State of Georgia concerning their voter suppression. 

Now check out the session, as we listen to this Tatham, Mensah, Lord and Rank with a track called  Long Climb in the Sun

This is from their Simmering EP  as we step up with this jazz funk / broken beat on a hot evening in Atlanta; we’re out here in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta jamming! once again it’s on!!

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