…On Some Other Other..

They were on some other other; how did I know? because I was on some too!

Whats up with this brotha? usually dropping breakbeat science…basically I’m just trying to make it do what it do!

Whatcha going through? drama is similar to Libya. somebody was peeping game…they see your having trouble!

It’s a world full of it like Lou Rawls said!! what’s the deal?  it’ll have you crying like the Miami Heat!! watch the stress double!

But you’ll be blessed double for your trouble at the end of the day!

As I blast off into the universe like a Discovery Space Shuttle; studying the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. but somebody will get in the way!

Authorities supposedly on the case!! but I knew how they play…like old school baptist preachers suggest I govern myself accordingly.

They had me knocked out for a minute!!  but I did the math..I knew what the order would be!

Looked at charts and maps; knew where the border would be.

Superior Court will be where some land then convicted by a jury of their peers.

Superiority complexes in the sport had some on the trail of tears.

Just like Cherokees; down I-75 I dipped in Jeep Cherokees..O-Zone steers the vehicle towards Atlanta!

A brotha is all the way live like Lakeside when I creep!!  but they told me we don’t understand ya!

Kicked to the curb; now a bus runs over me!!  they threw me out there…it could be Marta or even the short school bus!

Word on the curb? don’t start with a bruh!!  you know there’s no justice or peace…it’s just us!

Caught out there on some other other I spot the rest of the travelers.

….they’ve got us coming and going but were mystery unravelers!