Clearance Rack Epiphanies (Seasons / Reasons Change)

It’s going down!!  it’s like the GOP Health Care Bill!!  now the constituency wonders what’s up with those and these.

It’s going down!! supposedly,   like Classic Empire and Always Dreaming in the Kentucky Derby up in Louisville we’re in the middle of it!!    now it’s time for these clearance rack epiphanies.

We’re back with it!! classic like somebody in the empire always plotting and scheming!!  digital crate digging has been in full effect! per Throwback Thursday?  we might even hook up some Bloodstone with Natural High.

Seasons / reasons change;  Rev Al Sharpton mentioned Trump / Blackstone connections at the National Action Network conference;  it’s not natural!!  why ask why?

Seasons / reasons change!! Throwback Thursday business? Pops said watch your mouth /  watch that tone!!  word to Sean Spicer  as he tells another lie?

Seasons / reasons change from North Korea to Russia!! will Trump and Putin give it another try?

Out of season? clearance racks are full of winter merchandise in the midst of Taurus season.

Out of reasons? as I write this some “ain’t right”  with that and this!!  who’s for or against us?  check the treason.

Throwback Thursday?   I wasn’t back in the way!!  back in the day?  I was up in the Buick Regal rolling down Broadway or Muhammad Ali Blvd  up in Louisville!!  soon I was on I-75 on the way to Atlanta, fleeing the scene of the crime?

Throwback Thursday? a college student hungry / thirsty for knowledge studying law at the so called Hall of Justice in Louisville; damn!! all that was seen were mine!

My people, my people!! mentioned in these clearance rack epiphanies as seasons / reasons change!! now “Going For Mine”  Going In / Getting It In out here in the Babylon wilderness  like a Kentucky or West Virginia coal miner!! rocking a lime green safety vest and a hardhat on with the lantern on top.

The beast  mauled some out here in the wilderness!! recognize the pattern, they want to see my people drop.


Different Vision

Reality gave me another perspective; now I’m looking at things with  a different vision.

All up in the midst of Taurus season  with Gemini season soon coming with two sides to the game;  so how are you living?

Fresh views /  fresh vision is the basis of this mission,  the way things go? sometimes I make adjustments.

“Shorty is always pimping”  was the word on the curb as I get kicked to the curb by the system and its constituents!!  Public Enemy said you can’t truss it.

The sport will be complex;  but I tried to put more glide in my stride and more pep in my step!!

The sport will be complex;  no where to run or hide!!  so don’t even trip.

…And don’t even skip steps;  that’s not natural / you might miss something.

Flipping this with a different vision after peeping game; please!!  I wasn’t speeding like the Amtrak train that derailed in Philly; I wasn’t  trying to miss nothing.

Or miss anything;  beats and language are broken… I had a different vision.

When we do the damn thing?  questions answer themselves!!  this is how I’m living.

What are we on? Visualizing The Sequence; soaking things in; what will the future bring?

Actually? intergalactic citizens showed me how to freak this;  when I touch down on earth?  it’s the funk I bring..

Mathematics dropped after O-Zone studied dark matter and black holes;  O-Dog works the cross faders rocking brown, yellow, white and black souls;  Once Again It’s On…

Rolling up in the Mothership? I had a different vision, now the  Dark Mystery of Time and Space was calculated  by the brotha O-Zone..