Horace Silver – Filthy McNasty

Sunday Jazz Continues…in conjunction with the Super Fool Moon Madness..were back like this!! just ran a short errand…cruising down I-20 here in Atlanta…WRAS 88.5 has a jazz program on Sunday afternoons…they played a cut by the Horace Silver Quartet that sounded nice…

…so I’ll guess I’ll post a Horace Silver track up called Filthy McNasty…appropriate; as some folks attitude is like that around a Full Moon….anyway..

….the players on this track are Horace Silver (piano), Blue Mitchell (trumpet), Junior Cook (tenor sax), Gene Taylor (bass),Roy Brooks (drums)…..it was Composed by Horace Silver…recorded live at the Village Gate on New York, May 19, 1961 …41 years ago…and still sounding good!! check it out..at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Horace Silver – Filthy McNasty.

Miles Davis – Right Off (A Tribute to Jack Johnson)

Sunday Jazz Continues…in conjunction with The Super Full Moon Madness…oh yeah!! its still in effect…a few days before and after the full moon…peep game.

..anyway….lets listen to some musicians “going off” like they’re mad or something!! check out this classic Miles Davis with a track called Right Off…off the Tribute to Jack Johnson album.

..the players are John McLaughlin on guitar, Billy Cobham on drums, Herbie Hancock on keyboards, Michael Henderson on bass, and Steve Grossman on saxophone…of course Miles did his thang with the trumpet…check it out..at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Miles Davis – Right Off (A Tribute to Jack Johnson).