It’s Like This! It’s Like This! It’s Like This PT.2

The saga / struggle continues;  like Obama making his own decision on immigration  it’s going down like this!! like this!!

It’s like the crisis in the Gaza Strip!! even though there’s a cease fire the spiritual warfare hasn’t stopped!! we continue to fight this.

A brotha is trying to maintain!! I’m trying not to flip!! the light is at the end of the tunnel;  meanwhile old school smokers light the end of the funnel so they can get lifted.

It’s hotter than July per the Leo sun rays; now it’s August!! soon priorities shifted.

You can be young black and gifted per Aretha Franklin or old school like my buddy from Nigeria.

He was rocking outfits from the motherland!! the native gear.

People were knocking the hustle saying one outfit looked like pajamas that these young cats try to wear in the hood.

He’s not out if it though; science is dropped!! knowing Al Shabaab and Boko Harem were up to no good.

Or are they? what’s they’re perspective?  like over here the rich get richer and the poor poorer;  we only get one side of the story.

…Even though the girls were kidnapped when  freedom fighters relapsed;  common sense collapsed when trying to reclaim their territory?

As the drama unfurls breakbeat science is dropped like this!! like this!! like this!!

A brotha kept it moving!!  while some waited in the dark you can spot me where the light is…

All Up In The Spot / Circling The Block

Once again it’s on!! damn!!  they have a brotha all up in the spot.

I’m trying to keep a low profile or they’ll have me like Stephen A Smith!! all up in the scheme or plot.

They’ll give us enough rope to hang ourselves but I went on with my bad self!! I circled the block in the hooptie trying to see where the truth will be!! but the morale was low.

I’m trying to work it all out though!!  but stormtroopers will be patrolling like it’s District 12 per the Hunger Games!! so whatcha know?

I see how ya flow!! some are trolling  through the mainstream of mathematics like they’re  extraterrestrials in District 9!! hunger and thirst is exhibited in the game!!  your soon caught in the dragnet and interrogated by thought and fashion police.

They’re trying to see what you knew!! didn’t they blow your mind this time per the Delfonics?  fanatics attracted too much attention!! it ain’t nothing nice.

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