I Was On The Same Page PT.2

Check me out… I’m just doing what I do!!  please !! even though we just had the Summer Solstice it’s cold out here!! like  we’re in the Ice Age.

Thats per the polar vortex ….the sport is complex!!  so I’m not on that same page.

Who feels the rage? damn!!  now we’re on the same page!! ..but polar opposites won’t feel the same … but next level dramatics will teach them a lesson.

Bipolar type composites show you how the drama gets!! especially when they start stressing.

A high roller received a blessing like Dick Cheney per Haliburton ….but they won’t get to cash out this time….we’re not going to Iraq...

A deal had been made to let the Sunnis take over…no need to act fake..the game is over…but I was on the same page with those that act like they know…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock...

Rocking Louisville Cardinal gear in the ATL…whatcha know about the insights dropped by a brotha that specialized in parking lot pimping.?

Rocking!!  even though there’s a Cardinal T-Square per the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014…whatcha know about these things? these  lights shining in the dark are surprising those that thought it was a simple thing.

…Or at least they’re wishing and hoping it was…like Carmelo Anthony opting out of his contract…

…or at least they’re wishing and hoping…somebody might understand me…we were on the same page..spiritual significance in this operation..as we make contact..

..as we bring it back…some thought it was all good but check the deliberate falsehood!! after the episode goes down they might feel the rage.

..as we bring it back..we wrestle with the beast!!  were in revolution mode!! very few are on this same page.



Summer Breeze – The Isley Brothers

Digital Crate Digging Continues…as we kick off this first day of Summer…per the Summer Solstice..

Check out how we roll with this!!   as we hit you up with Summer Breeze – by  The Isley Brothers..doing their version of the Seals and Croft song…as we put it down like this…like this..like this…

This Is How We Roll

The saga / struggle continues…it’s going down..check out how we roll with this.

It’s going down!! all aspects are covered… from Gemini season with twin tornadoes in Nebraska to the Summer Solstice.

It’s going down!! no disrespect..I’m  not lying to you!! there’s  no reason for the treason!! plus I’m not corny like corn from Nebraska or even Illinois.

..spotted on the way to St Louis on I-64 as I go forth… now like Washington Redskins trademarks some say contracts are  null and void.

Some plotted and schemed like Tea Party members acting brand new with this!!  now like Eric Cantor some will get played like busters and marks..I avoided those jokers.

Some plotted and schemed like Boko Haram or ISIS in Iraq..I avoided those jokers.

…plus I avoided those brokers like Bernie Madoff that were trying to sell an American dream.

…plus I avoided Edward Snowden types trying to tell me about an NSA / American scheme.

I wasn’t trying to roll like that!!  you’ll lose your soul like that!! but some said it’s seems simple.

…soon they’re wishing it was after they feel the buzz!! now some “holla at me” ..they’re heard saying what’s up cuz ? ..that’s when I pimp through.

Soon some are seeing how we do..this is how we roll..breakbeat scientific principles are followed..

Soon some are seeing how others do..seeing how they roll…diabolical like ISIS in Iraq…the doctrine was swallowed..

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Summer Solstice Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies; whats the deal with these?  this is the Summer Solstice Edition!

As I post this around the time of the Super Full Moon in Capricorn…what are we on? no security clearance given like NSA contractors!!  like Eldridge Cleaver Souls Are On Ice;  the Lord we have to petition!

The so called expert was posted up..a super fool / coon facing scorn? ..they caught interference after dropping in to see what condition their condition was in!

That was per Kenny Rogers and the First Edition …meanwhile deliverance from evil was the mission!

Hazardous materials in the atmosphere when O-Dizzle is rocking this? its  based on a preminition ..now he puts it down like this!

What we have is spiritual…thats the dizzle!!  unlike Edward Snowden trying to ride out  O-Zone was trying to find out!!  after seeing things go down like this!

Danger zone residents find no benevolence; whatcha knowing?  World Refugee Day highlights this!

Bangers rattle the trunk in the hooptie as I ride down I-20 in Atlanta;  listening to the Fugees …meanwhile over in Decatur jokers tell me how tight it is!

Oh yeah!! its tight in these hoods…minds aren’t right like Tiger Woods..plus strangers were down with other haters;  so the fight is ongoing like in Syria / the Middle East!

Oh yeah!! some are still blessed with the goods per these clearance rack epiphanies…its not strange for us to keep praying;  thats how we make it!!  as we continue to fight the beast!

Whose paying the price / the most or least?  crooks were like  oil companies…they were price gouging!

Gamblers were out for a fast buck …..now on vacation…lounging!

Others are scrounging up small change..so  check out these epiphanies we put on the clearance rack!

Not down with crooked types…Dick Cheney’s Carlyle Group / Booz Allen Hamilton; so who has clearance for that?

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Summer Solstice

Whats the deal? the summer solstice is here…seasons change  /reasons change; retail operations will  soon have sales!


Check these clearance rack epiphanies as I deal with those and these …its strange..some  play me like Obama..they’re  hoping a bruh fails!

Interference from gamblers out for a fast buck aka G20  was received;  they tacked cards…also stated certain conditions apply!


Checked the fine print..there were no lack of documents…no information overload.. like Fast and Furious and Atty.  Gen. Holder…plus on the commercial the announcer talked fast about the side affects from the new and improved drug …its all a damn lie!


Checked with the US Mint chasers…beauty beholders…I asked them why do they keep going around in circles?


Word from Billy Preston…whats the deally? some keep stressing…as the system / matrix circumvents like eraser marks on the CRCT test in Atlanta  ….who will we work those?

Caught up in the system / matrix ……knowing the devil will oppose; plus he recruited advocates and other agents!

How you living?  dude said he’s “getting it how he gets it” ..as I bear witness to how flagrant the foul is!


How you living? the thought and fashion police are mad at me…bear witness to what the style is…Rocawear and Echo Unlimted…straight off the clearance rack at Macys!


They coincide with these clearance epiphanies; right at the Summer Solstice..check out how a brotha will face those and these!


Meanwhile mamby / pamby land residents  said thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day!


Then they’ll get foul… they jam you up;  stick the dagger in your back bear witness to how they play!