Funky House ” Fête de la musique 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues! check us out as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza!

We’re doing our due diligence, broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Somebody will understand a brotha putting it down like this, but I had to admit;  my mind can’t be still, it’s way way out there / way out yonder.

We’re trying to get over the hump out here but ran into opposition; dealing with episodes that had us “buking and scorning” / shouting / weeping in mourning.

Fretful, trying to get over the hump but “stolen forevers” and even the present I ponder.  

The family tried to provide courage, they sang a gospel song by Anita Baker and the Winans; “It’ll All Be Over In The Morning”   

So now we’re doing the damn thing! boosting the morale by O- Dog Day Partying per this Funky  House ” Fête de la musique 2022  ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do what we do in the heart of this thing; continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

Check this out at Funky House ” Fête de la musique 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Funky Disco House” Funky Remix 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Thankful Thursday edition!

It’s a blessing to be here, as we reflect on past episodes since it’s also a Throwback Thursday but retro futuristic is how we’re living!

The saga / struggle continues, truth or dare is on the apparatus menu we’ll always have to deal with something..

…while we’re here on terra firma, per Mr T I Pity The Fool or slow learner; soon caught up in the system / matrix; I told them jokers would fake it, but they didn’t listen; now “ain’t that something”?

Who said these beats ain’t bumping? we take some to school with this Funky Disco House” Funky Remix 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check the playlist and the mix!! excuse us but we don’t misbehave when we get breakbeat scientific in your section we’re real with it!!

1: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

2: Harry Romero – Tania (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

3: Danny Cruz – Shame (Fizzikx Radio Edit)

4: Giman – Le Chic (Dub Mix)

5: Moon Rocket – Superstition (Moon Rocket Funky Rmx)

6: Sugar Hill – Como va (Original Mix)

7: Crazibiza – Freak Like (Original Mix)

8: T.Markakis – Need Your Love

9: Ladies on Mars – The Billy Of Queens (Vocal Mix)

10: Foals – In Degrees (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

11: Dubplate Disco – Between Us (Original Mix)

12: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love (Montmartre Remix)

Funky House ” Spring 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we come through with this HumpDay Extravaganza!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta. 

We’re coming through with Brotha O Radio not worried about the ratio even though we’re all about dropping these mathematics!

They’re from a breakbeat scientific perspective, mentioned life is hectic enhanced by dealing with these fanatics…

…rolling like the GOP against Kentanji Brown Jackson but we’re still up in the action: once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly!

We’re rolling, getting down celebrating life kicking off this O-Dog Day Party!

Check us out as we come listening to Funky House ” Spring 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336!

Check out the playlist and the mix  as we continue doing what we do; getting breakbeat scientific!

1: Sugar Hill – 4 me (Original Mix)

2: Saison – Sip the Juice

3: Paradize Groove – Flawless 2K22 (Original Mix)

4: Earth n Days – Shame (Original Mix)

5: Phill Steiner – High Volume (Dub Mix)

6: Joseph Ferrero – How You Movin (House Mix)

7: Nari – Funky Chop (Original Mix)

8: Franko Ferreri – Dancing Beat (Tech House Vip Mix)

9: House Shifters – Twerk It (Dub Mix)

10: Manuel Lorenzo – Everyday (House Vip Mix)

11: CrazyBeats – Funked Party (Original Mix)

12: Earth n Days – Walk on Water (feat. Terri B!) (Extended Club Mix)

13: David Fuldner – I Like It (Original Mix)

14:House 2 Disco- Mike Hosting (Funky Mix)

Nu Disco Funk Mix July 2021

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this Music Monday edition off! it’s going down like this!

We’ll, we already set it off earlier, hip hopping not quitting / stopping putting it down like this…

…and that it’s all this and that, check out the celebration of life!

It’s going down, but we don’t have our heads buried in the sand we know it’s rough out here we’re hip to the toil and strife!

Oh yes we’re wise to the step but we’ll get down after we get up coming through listening to Nu Disco Funk Mix July 2021 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams..

Check out the playlist and the mix by now y’all should know how we do this! once again it’s on!

1. Disco Incorporated – Black Soul (Nu Disco Mix)

2. Rob Hayes – Body Rockin’

3. Funkybeat ft Angela Johnson – Waiting On A Love

4. Da Lukas ft Gabriel – What Would We Do (Vocal Mix)

5. Markosa – Funk Magic

6. Sugar Hill – Relight

7. Brothers In Arts ft Richelle Hicks – Good Love

8. Yass & DJ Fudge – (I Know) I’m Losing You

9. Brothers In Arts & Cosentino ft Coree Mathews – Believe in You (Yam Who? Extended Remix)

10. 84bit – Mamma Jamma (Dr Packer Remix)

11. MAKITO – Get Down

12. Alaia & Gallo ft Kevin Haden – Who Is He (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

13. Fingerman – She’s A GF

14. Supermini & Frankie Romano – Midas Touch (Birdee Extended Mix)

15. Young Pulse & Funky French League ft Natasha Watts – Keep the Fire Burning (Dr Packer Remix)

16. Disco Incorpoarted – Crazy (Nu Disco Mix)

17. Louis Feen – Thrown Down

18. Dave Leatherman & Bruce Nolan – Show Me The Love

19. DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who? ft Suki Soul – Sweet Talk

20. Kris King – Get Down

Deep and Techy Mix Jan 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse us as we take it back to the future..

Check these menus, still rocking my Throwback Thursday outfit like I was hustler in the hood grinding 24 /7; rolling with the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback jersey and the 05 Fubu hat; switching up clothes in a little while, but no style and profile / acting brand new with ya..

Check these menus, who’ll work with me like I’m Bernie Sanders painting a pretty picture  as I serve these broths and elixirs?  Bernie vs Joe Biden is where the drama is..

The saga / struggle continues, work with me as I get that in!! another way of saying life goes on!! can’t wait on Justice John Roberts, Mitt Romney or John Bolton to save me; that’s where the drama is!!

The fix is in, a brotha is wise to the whole set up so I’ll cue up the sound to get my people up after cashing reality checks and making sound effects..

The fix is in per the DJ; O-Dog Day Partying per this Deep and Techy Mix Jan 2020 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!! check the playlist and the mix this cat is jamming!! he’s catching wreck!!

Check this out at Deep and Techy Mix Jan 2020