Chilling / Healing / Soon Coming With The Real Thing PT.3

I was chilling out:  I started a poem on the loose leaf, then transcribed it on the iPhone, damn!!  they keep coming!!

Shady dealing out here in Babylon?  Pope Francis will come to town to reprimand some fools now John Boehner wants to step down!! it’s going down!! word from this dude that keeps drumming.

How was I dealing? O-Zone will break it down!! but how are some running it? either caught out in the streets or trying the corporate route?

It didn’t work; the doctor said it didn’t hurt, per the treatment?  I even got certificates, so let the healing process begin!!  but I had my doubts!!

Like Floyd Mayweather Jr? of course I’ve had my championship bouts!! external and internal!! like George Foreman and Muhammad Ali I had my own rumbles in the jungle.

May weather was just here yesterday and I even fired up the George Foreman grill,  now we just had the Fall Equinox with a SuperMoon / Lunar Eclipse on deck so what’s up / what’s the deal? Reality checks   are cashed,  so you know I stay humble.

Whatever said a hater so O-Zizzle will rock out!! the bass will rumble and snares hit;  check the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

This funky drummer is coming with the brand new funk!! violently / viciously like a spaghetti western is how we respond like haters we’re giving it to me!!  thats what’s up / that’s what we’re giving.

A so called GOP front runner will talk crazy like Jeb Bush saying Democrats give black people free stuff, when that’s not how I’m living..

A so called GOP front runner said Bush is still smoking that dry kush, but Donald Trump has talked out of the side of his neck also!! so how’s he living?

O-Zone has a front end loader full of this good word; He’s out here doing the math aka four, five sixing it…

Danger zone business gets handled like we were stoning the devil in Mecca R.I.P. to the pilgrims!! let the healing process begin!! in the mix? O-Dog is fixing it…



Yes Yes!! And You Don’t Stop!!

Yes Yes!! And You Don’t Stop!! As we proceed and continue,  the motion is perpetual.

True indeed!!  but I see hustle  knockers had a notion like they were stoning the devil in Mecca,  they should let it go.

Tell me when to go per E-40?    who’s drunk off the forty? naw man!!   I heard  jokers  will make you go- fast like your on that *G Unit* per the West Coast.

How will the sport be? somebody said the epidemic is worst than crack,  so who’ll brag or boast?

Situations were burned like toast!! now check the mass hysteria as Obama meets Putin concerning Syria!!  damn!!  it ain’t nothing nice.

Lessons learned;  we couldn’t get mad at anybody,  we kept it moving but we had to sacrifice.

Damn!!  as broke as we are it seemed we already paid the price, we should be due a rebate.

We go for broke; Yes Yes!! and you don’t  stop!! so why would you?  maybe somebody can relate.

A joker said he was money in the clutch like the Nike T-Shirt I saw at Stonecrest Mall.

A joker tried to pass the Dutch to the left hand side per Musical Youth while rolling in the Chevy Cobalt with the doughnut tire on it over here in Decatur; but he’s still rolling y’all.

So what’s up y’all? my heart is heavy per Cobalt ripped off from the Congo, so whatcha know?  we keep it moving;  yes yes!!  we don’t stop.

But we had to sacrifice;  *it ain’t nothing nice*  but we didn’t quit and we didn’t stop!