Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Five)

Monday Morning has pulled up / rolled around but this science is good for any day, it’s going down!! but like Trump vs the Postal Service some are acting brand new..

Nancy Pelosi said they’ll address the issue but what address will they use? we’ll drop this good word and beats will bump, our way of going postal when we swerve with this, acting like we knew..

Opposed to me and you? “y’all should know how the devil will do” ; him and his advocates are back at it, from blowing up Beirut to blocking protests out in Portland..

….to protests down here in Stone Mountain, it’s even rough for us Capricorn ascendants trying to climb the mountain when we’re “all up in the sport again”

Jokers stressed us, wanting us to abort our mission; being built or torn down by the debatable circumstances?  these jokers were acting brand new talking about  Kamala Harris / Scamala Harris or the ongoing pandemic / scamdemic!!

God blessed us during the ongoing madness, so O-Zone is acting like he knew!! it’s based on doing the math, word from a breakbeat scientific academic!!

Check this out at Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Five)


I See Everything That’s Moving..(Part Four)

On this Sunday morning? I shouldn’t have to tell ya!! y’all should know by now that it’s rough out here!! 2020 is no joke, “it ain’t nothing nice”;   highlighted by Covid 19 and systemic racism…

…among other things, I kept it moving even though I had to sacrifice, peeping game / I see everything moving , I’m not playing!!

I’m not playing with these folks, allergic to foolishness!! I broke that down earlier so who’ll work with a bro? excuse me but the style is blue collar…

I’m not playing with these folks!! Trump / Barr / McConnell  broke the system, so how are we living? Marvin Gaye mention “it makes you wanna holler

It’s rough out here / it’s no joke!! the struggle is real! folk are caught up in the matrix / system check it out!!

It’s rough out here / it’s no joke!! the struggle is real! O-Zone sees everything moving, peeping game / checking it out!