Steve Arrington – “Dancin’ In The Key Of Life” – Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback Friday / Friday Night Fever segment, as I like to say my constituents are eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as we flash back to the future; blessed and highly favored, the Lord told us we’re all eligible for it..

So we’ll proceed and continue, doing what we do!! O-Dog Day Partying even in the midst of the chaos and confusion..

…and the band played on like it was the Titanic but it’s not that frantic even though life is hectic!! we’ve still got visions of winning instead of losing…

…and the band played on so per Steve Arrington  we’re  “Dancin’ In The Key Of Life” – ( Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix)

Once again it’s on!! we’re taking it there!! we’re not quitting / stopping!! we’re still getting breakbeat scientific..


Rejuvenated PT.9…

It’s going down on this Throwback Thursday; heard somebody call it a Thankful Thursday,  I can work with that!!

We’ll go back to the future, rejuvenated after the maneuvers illuminated us;  illuminati blocking justice? like Trump not able to work with a Democrat?

We’ll go back to the future, not late when  dropping these good words / mathematics /   unconventional wisdom or even forensic rhetoric.. 

Tricked like Trump dealing with Putin per Rex Tillerson?  who’s following the words of the Geneva Convention when victimized by techniques utilized by  McGruff crime prevention ?   the energy was kinetic.

O-Zone? rejuvenated after I was chilling but per Throwback Thursday?  Zapp and Roger said it’s So Ruff / So Tuff out here!! amen corner deacons conferred but supposedly the general inspected it;  no Trump collusion?  so how did this thing get started?

O-Zone? he’s rejuvenated, he’s had enough!! this spiritual warfare general connects this good word with beats that bump to fight the confusion in Babylon; were in the heart of it. 

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